30 April 2012

Second Week in April 2012

Monday was a triumphant return to running, #5 in 2012 - 1.99 mi (3.2k) in 19:58.2. I hit my distance goal and oh so close to my pace goal (10:02.6 pace). I am going to probably have to start running after work to go much further. After work I came home and was picking up around the house. As I walked by the window, I busted Vivian and Matt about to play a dirty trick on my car. I wanted to check the stroller for TP. Vivian blamed Hannah, but I know who are the TP instigators out there! When all the excitement and accusations died down, I made dinner for the rest of the week.

This is what awaited me on Tuesday morning when I went to work,
I don't think Matt & Viv had anything to do with this.

Tuesday after work I baked the cookie dough I had made on Saturday. The cookies were shared with the people who came over for dance practice sitting around and talking.

Wednesday I cut the lawn. Despite the busyness, I had time to have a little fun.

Zeke! How did you get under that laundry 'basket'??? Oh yeah, I did that to you.

Thursday I finalized my part in the wedding with Jason, packed up the camera and made sure everything was ready.

Friday immediately after work I drove up to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton parish and started taking pictures.


Once the rehearsal was done, we went over to Rachel's house and had dinner. You can see all my pictures from the rehearsal dinner here. Once dinner was done, I was pretty fried, so I headed home with no intention of leaving ... that lasted about ten minutes, then I headed over to the regular Friday dance until it ended.

Saturday morning I was up early for pictures of the ladies preparation for the wedding.

Wow, who tied your tie, it looks fabulous.

All the prep pictures can be found here. I came home around 1130, took a very short nap, then got everything ready to go. I went and picked Maggie up at her house, then headed to the wedding. We set up my computer as a 'photo booth' and went and sat down for the wedding. For a Catholic wedding, it was fast, and accompanied by an epic rainstorm outside.


You can see the wedding pictures I took here. The rain let up almost completely by the time the wedding ended, so at least they were able to get to the car. Maggie and I found a spot next door at the reception hall and waited for dinner to be served. The reception was fun, the food was good, and the facilities were super nice. Many, many thanks to Maggie for being patient while I helped out with the reception.


You can the rest of my reception pictures here. Then there was clean up, pack up and it was over. If you'd like to see all my pictures from the wedding day, you can find them in four easy to use sets right here.

I planned on sleeping in on Sunday and going to church later, but I managed to get a bad migraine in the afternoon. I ended up napping through the afternoon instead and missed church. In the evening the medicine started to kick in and I managed to process a few pictures before heading to bed fairly early.

Next week: games, games, and more games.

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