20 June 2012

First Week in June 2012

Monday after work I was hungry, I don't mean normally hungry, I mean almost to the bad decision making hungry point ... so I went grocery shopping ... despite hungry-shopping, I escaped without spending a large fortune. I could not, however, escape getting something to eat next door at Freddie's. I don't know if it was being hungry or if it really was reality, but I thought they were the best fries ever. I made a trip to Walgreen's and then home. The rest of the night was cleaning, chores, and then a little Diablo 3. I don't like Act IV.

Tuesday I was going to go to the doctor about what I thought was a nasal infection, but the dull aching pain got very specific. It was a tooth. I went to my dentist, Marty Matz, and he took care of it right away. I'm very thankful for whoever cancelled their appointment. I was a trooper and went back to work afterwards, but really, I felt so much better after they were done that going back to work was easy. After work Maggie came over and I made dinner.

Wednesday after work I had dinner with Kevin. He is in town for his sister's wedding. We visited for a couple hours, he played me a CD of a new band he likes. Kevin and I probably talked more about music than any other subject. I really enjoyed our conversations about the subject, in part because he and I like music for such different qualities. Listening for just a short bit (a couple songs) it was easy for me to 'see' why he liked them so much. When I came home, I played some more Diablo 3 and determined perhaps I don't hate act IV as much as I thought I did.

Thursday after work I went straight over to Sumtur Amphitheater to see a band play. It was a blues band and they were really good. However there were not any follows there immediately, so I just hung with Matt and we chatted and enjoyed the perfect weather.

The crowd was not indicative of the quality of the music or the weather.

Ah yes, the famous high five move. Photo credit: Matt

Friday I went to the dance as usual. There are a lot of new dancers, and that is good. There are a lot of new dancers, and that is bad. Nothing exciting to say about the dance other than new dancers are reluctant to get in the birthday jam circles.

Saturday was a rarity, a morning wedding, Jennifer and Cullen got married. There was another rarity, I forgot my camera. I took a couple bad shots on the iPhone, and did happily run into Marcus, who emceed. As weddings go I really enjoyed it, very service oriented, with a brunch theme rather than a dinner.

I attempted to golf in the afternoon. I went, however it was so windy it made the going slow and the golfing bad. I had to meet Maggie at 9pm, so I actually didn't get to finish.

I met up with Maggie and we went to pick Heidi (who was returning from Haiti) at the airport. It was quite the adventure. Two laps around the pickup area, approximately four million bats, fireworks, and a side quest to Bucky's, Alvarado's, and Dairy Queen on Broadway in Council Bluffs. We took Heidi home and she was reunited with her crazy cat...

...who missed her very, very, very much.

Sunday morning we went to Mass at St John's on the Creighton campus. It was a theology filled Homily. Father made his point about living a life of service quite well. Afterwards, Frank, Beth, Maggie, Katie (who was playing flute for the Mass) and I went down to the Santa Lucia festival.

Beth got her long overdue birthday present. Frank approves.

Help! I'm being attacked by a cannoli.

Frank hadn't been on BK Memorial Bridge before.

It was very odd, about 1315 we all ran out of energy at the same time. I came home and napped. When I woke up, I had a craving for sushi. Maeg and I went to Ponzu Sushi over at Aksarben Village. I ate too much, (there should no surprise with this statement), but not so much that I couldn't choke down a Jones Brothers cupcake. The sky was quite pretty with all the rain and clouds. I took the left over sushi to Vivian.

Later in the evening, I reached the end of Diablo 3. After seven tries at killing Diablo, and I was out of ideas, so I quit that and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Next week: Seeing the wrong 5:00 o'clock ... or maybe the right one.

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