06 June 2012

Memorial Day Week 2012

After playing Bases a last week on Saturday, I have lost all inclination to exercise. I hope it returns soon, or at least I can manage to get myself to do it. I am not connecting the two as cause and effect, I am just saying that is the timing.

I'd like to say goodbye to Clint. Dr. Clint is heading off to Washington D.C. and a new life. I wish him well.

Monday was Memorial Day. To all those people who have given life and limb in defense of freedom, and to their families, Thank you.

Monday started off with meeting Maggie in the early afternoon for ice cream. Yes, Vivian, I finally used that Coldstone Gift Card that was in my Christmas stocking. We sat on a bench outside the movie theater at Village Point and nommed down, enjoying the people watching and pretty weather. Once we had finished, we headed over to Chelsea's Graduation party, by the most curiously circuitous route (thank you google maps). I took my camera, and got zero pictures of the the graduate, but plenty of Maggie and flowers.


Doesn't that ... hurt?

I'm never really sure why my flower pictures get the most consistent views on Flickr,
but someone must like them.

You can see all of my pictures from this event here. We left there, went back to Village Pointe to uncombine cars and head home. I went to the store, came home, took a nap, made a green salad, and went to Frank's Memorial Day party.

Lizzy and I dominated the badminton court before dinner, not so much after.

I'm not sure if I remember who won.

Surprisingly, Cass didn't show up, he must have missed the 'fire' part of the invitation.

If you'd like to see the rest of the pictures I took on that evening, you can find them here. I was actually home (you know, cause I could walk) at a reasonable hour and asleep.

Tuesday was just strange, at least the beginning was anyways. I woke up around dawn and had a conversation with the sun
Me: "OMG sun why do you have to get here so early and wake me up every day?"
Sun: "You could always choose to go to bed earlier."
The sun is so rude, really, pushing it back on me? I guess I had it with my hair, because I came home after work and buzzed it all off, well the clippers were on a '1' setting, so there was a little left. Later, while I was cooking, Frank came over to return the salad bowl I had left there the day before. We visited for a while, and afterwards I decided it was time to play Diablo 3, but instead I got the dreaded 'error 37', so I wasn't able to play. Instead I just processed pictures from the previous weekend.

Wednesday and Thursday were both Diablo 3 days. I was thinking that somehow I might be able to level up fast enough to catch up to Troy. That didn't happen. My Thursday night of playing was interrupted by a trip down to Frank's to assist him with moving some benches.

Friday was the start of a dance weekend here in Omaha, so I headed right downtown after work to a Blues class. After the class Maggie and I went and ate at Victor's on 41st-ish and Farnam. I've been wanting to try it for a while. I got a chicken kabob on salad, and it was exceptional. Maggie had a gyro, and it was okay ... I know this because we swapped meals half way through. We paid, left, and went to the usual Friday night dance. There were not many people there at first, but people crept in and then more and more and it was full. I went home immediately after the dance.

Saturday I was up reasonably early and at the classes. I took three for the day. We ate lunch at Flavors, it was really crowded, and maybe not as good as I remember it last time. There was plenty of activity at the house after classes as we were hosting the weekend event dance party. Troy, Natalie, and Frank made hors d'oeuvres. Maggie, Frank, and I cleaned up around the house.

I wonder what the payback for this will be?

Maeg says "It's been a while since we've seen the invisible lead." I almost agree.

Hug attack!

Here's something you don't see every day.

The party was over at a reasonable time, well it was for me anyways, people were still arriving as I went to bed. You can see my pictures from this here.

Sunday I was up and off to church at Saint Mary's in Bellevue. I was joined by Frank and Teri, and after Mass we went over to eat at Jimmie John's. Fellowship is fun! We all went our separate ways, and my way was downtown for one more class. The dance weekend was really productive, I got a new move I like, some things to think about, and renewed confidence. You can see all the pictures from the weekend event here. I came home, napped, did my lawn work, and played some Diablo 3 ... and that was my week.

Next week: The terror of emergency dental surgery.

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