25 July 2012

Second Week in July 2012

Monday after work, I decided to go shopping to replace the pants that Zeke ruined just before the last wedding I went to. I tried Target (nothing), Penney's (not my size), Gordman's (ridiculous pin stripes), Kohl's (800 pairs of trousers, none for me), and Wal-Mart (any color you want but plain black). I finally ordered from Penney's online and got exactly what I wanted for less money than I thought I'd pay. I also picked up groceries in between stores. The evening ended with Sarah and I going out for ice cream at Culver's and talking until late.

Tuesday after work I went running. 2012 run #22. 3.21 miles in 32:00. That's a 9:57 pace. I may start trying to go faster or farther. I think I'm at the edge of feeling challenged. Wednesday was a dull day.

Thursday was a little busy at work, and in fact, it was a bad busy day. After work I went to the summer session of Theology on Tap. Omar Guitierez was the speaker, and he does such a fabulous job of being firm and loving. It was nice to visit with friends I haven't seen in a while.

Friday I met with FOCUS missionary Amy at the beautiful Werner cafe. It was nice to be able to sit down with her and talk almost uninterrupted for an hour. After work I went to Werner Park and watched the Iowa Cubs do their best big league club imitation. Losing by one run with the tieing and winning runs on 3rd and 2nd base. They certainly didn't have a lack of opportunities.

Saturday morning I cut the lawn, then I met I met Teri for some ice cream, um, no wait, make that Red Mango, it's not really ice cream, right? We also walked through Trader Joe's, and I bought a few items. The last time I was in Trader Joe's there was an epic rainstorm. This time it's the middle of an epic heatwave. Although correlation does not imply causation, it's clear that my visiting Trader Joe's makes extreme weather events happen.

After I dropped Teri back off at her place, I went to Kaleb's and we played a few games. After seeing Eclipse on the Board Game Geek's top ten a few weeks ago, I've been wanting to play. I finally got my chance. It is an enjoyable, involved strategy game. It said two hours, but it wasn't really close to that. I did not win. It's not a real surprise that I wouldn't have a decent winning model for a complex game in only one try. I will probably want to have another try at it.

The second game was one that is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine, Kingsburg. I built a substantial lead in middle and late part of the game, but I couldn't hold at the end and eventually lost to Kaleb. I do like it, but I'm a bit worried that I'm going to start thinking I'm good at it (but really sucking at it), and finding reasons why I didn't win, kind of like my brother Carl playing pool. We started playing a third (different) game when all the stress of the proceeding week caught up to me around 2200, and I decided to drive home while I was still awake.

Sunday morning I was up and at church for a Mass Chaos reunion at Saint Pius X. They recently did a remodel, so I gathered up some of the regulars and we went back. Our plan was to then go to eat at Papa Chris', but there were some logistical issues, i.e. Chris hadn't opened the place yet. We finally got in, but it was too late for me to eat because I had to be over to help Maeg move in as our third roommate.

The move was a little hot and sweaty, but she really only had a few big pieces to haul around. She said thank you to myself and Ben Peet with a nice steak dinner. Dinner was served with a ridiculously strong bottle of red wine, and we played two games of Elder Sign. We won both, but there was alcohol involved, the rules may not have been followed correctly, and I was making ice cream ... and that was the end to my week.

Next week: More stuff.

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