06 July 2012

Fourth Week in June 2012

Monday after work started off in a pretty boring manner, with groceries and other errands, but ended up with unwanted excitement, a migraine! Boo. Tuesday the headache continued on, fortunately, my medicine took hold, so I played some Diablo 3 reaching level 40 with my Demon Hunter. Wednesday the headache abated a little bit, I ran errands at lunch, barely beating the hour lunch limit by seconds. Thursday was also a lot like Wednesday, but without as many letters and no errands.

My deck tomatoes are bigger than the variety I
thought I was buying.

Friday after work and food I went to Jitterbugs. The dance was pretty fun, and unlike the previous Friday when I was dancing badly, I thought I did pretty well ... except for my wrist hurting, I ended up wrapping it up on Saturday. When I got home from the dance I tried to go out to the driveway with the camera and tripod and get some moon pictures, but they didn't come out even well enough to post.

Saturday was Mike and Merinda's Summer BBQ at Elmwood Park.

IMG_6173 IMG_6178
IMG_6185 IMG_6206
IMG_6227 IMG_6273
IMG_6264 IMG_6240

Yes, it was hot, but it was also super fun. You can see all my pictures from the event here.

I came home and decided that it was time to run. 2012 run #20, 1.16 miles in 11:33 (9:56 pace). I planned on running further, but the air was very smoky with all the fireworks, my lungs protested.

In the evening Kaleb had a game night. Not a big one, but we had some good games. When I got there as another game was going on, so myself, Maeg, and Lizzy tried a three player game of Tsuro. It went very quickly, and I won.

The game the other people were playing still wasn't done, so Maeg suggested a game of Chrononauts. I got an ID card that I don't recall ever seeing before. I decided pretty quickly that the board was not working correctly for my identity, however my mission card was looking good and I had the right cards in my hand to have it work, I needed just one thing ... and then Maeg won.

We then played an exciting game of Betrayal at House on the Hill. Finally! I was the Betrayer. A Zombie Lord, and I was kicking butt and zombifying everyone left and right ... then self declared "Golden Boy" Scott started rolling the dice like a madman, killing all my beautiful zombies until finally finishing me off without getting hit at all. I think this is the second time in a row I've played this game with a 'movie' ending, with the lone remaining good guy winning barely at the end.

The board game part of the evening wrapped up with two games of Shadow Hunters (not the name Scott called it). The first game, played with the original cards, was a victory for the Shadows, including me, the Werewolf. The second game was played with the cards that Kaleb made up featuring us. I got Maeg's card (the Betrayer), and she got mine (the Martyr). The game pretty much was decided by the two of us playing our cards, and the Shadows won again.

There was some late night Around the World Ping Pong, I won in a clear case of age and guile upstaging youth and skill.

Sunday morning I got up and went to church at Mary Our Queen with Teri. We went to lunch at Village Inn. It was a quiet afternoon until I went over to Amanda's house in the afternoon for an early Independence Day party. I stayed for a little while, but then headed home with another headache and no pictures taken.

Next week: Blowing stuff up!

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