30 July 2012

Third Week in July 2012

Monday after work I did a ton of cooking, around seven or eight meals. I like to do it that way, it makes it much quicker when for lunch and other nights when all I have to do is heat something up and make a salad. After dinner I went running with Maeg, 2012 run #23, the first 1.12 miles with Sarah at a 11:17 pace. The last 1.23 miles alone at a 9:56 pace. I liked running with someone. Also, I went over 50 miles for the year on this run.

Tuesday was quiet.

Wednesday I did some online car shopping. Conclusion? None, I don't even know if I'll really do it, or will stick with my Saturn for a couple more years. Later in the evening, I played Fluxx with Maeg. We played enough games that it didn't really matter who won or didn't win.

Thursday I went to Theology on Tap.

Friday I ended up going to the regular Friday dance and celebrating my birthday jam.


You can see all my pictures from the dance here. Afterward we went to Village Inn and chatted until about 0200 including a funny exchange with Nate, BP, and I about having long hair.

Saturday I went for a run, #24 for the year, 2.48 miles in 23:46 at a 9:36/mi pace. I really pushed myself to get a 9:45 pace. I got there, but just barely. Evidently it wasn't enough activity for me, so in the afternoon I went golfing. I didn't do very well on the front nine, but was going along pretty well on the back with about a five foot putt for birdie on #16 with a chance to go to just one over on the back nine, I missed the putt, then went bogie, double bogie to finish. Ugh.

Sunday morning I went to church at Saint Bernadette at 1100, and saw no one I knew. I left early so I could get out to Mahoney State Park as quickly as possible, or by 1300 at least. I was there in plenty of time, early in fact. I wonder why I always think it takes an hour to get there. Heather put the group together (thank you) and it's always fun to act like a little kid at the water park. I got a little sunburn, just in the spots on my back I couldn't reach myself. After the park, we searched for a place to eat in Gretna, finally settling on a Pizza Hut. It was a nice way to have an unofficial pre-birthday party.

Next week: another year old and lots of trips to the airport.

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