26 February 2006

So bad, it wasn't so bad

I don't know how, but I ended up with the most powerful microwave in existence. It will cook an entire chicken in 90 seconds. Usually this is not such a bad thing, until Kevin went to make microwave popcorn last Thursday. He said he set the timer for 4:00 AND WALKED AWAY. I personally think the smell of burnt microwave popcorn to be amongst the worst, but he burned it so badly that it left a pleasant smoky sweet smell lingering... for days.

Fortunately, Kevin can be taught, Friday he made some without incident.

#1 Hit Song

On the Day I was born, Rag Doll by the Four Seasons was the #1 song.

Click here to find yours: --> Click me <--

Tagged, sheesh...

5 Things Game. Courtesy of Bex, Mae was also tagged...

What were you doing 10 years ago? At this time ten years ago was still married, and almost graduated from Metro.

What were you doing 1 year ago? Same stuff I am doing today, only not as well ;-).

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. peanut butter cups
2. dried pineapple
3. celery & hummus
4. ice cream
5. cinnamon rolls

Five songs to which I know all the lyrics:
1. Fever - Peggy Lee
2. Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes
3. One More Day - Diamond Rio (my karaoke song)
4. Dog and the Butterfly - Heart
5. One Tree Hill - U2

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. not work
2. two words: Vegas Baby!
3. visit New Zealand
4. buy a place for the jitterbugs to dance
5. did I mention Vegas?

Five bad habits:
1. not going to church every week
2. procrastinating
3. not taking my triple steps
4. eating chocolate (it makes me ill)
5. playing computer games

Five things I like doing:
1. dancing
2. golfing
3. playing with dog / cats / rats
4. fixing up house / yard as $$$ permits
5. combining good food & good friends

Five things I would never wear, buy or get new again:
1. my ex-wife
2. bell bottom anything
3. a microsoft based computer
4. pink pants
5. a house with non-standard doors & windows

Five favorite toys:
1. computer
2. golf clubs
3. frisbee
4. hacky-sack
5. deck of cards

Consider yourself tagged if you want to be, and I'll add a link to it here.

22 February 2006

Spiritual Apples

I had a friend in high school named Amy (she is where I got my love of red hair). Amy had a mild case of hypoglycemia that would make her quite cranky. The funny part of the story was her instructions from her mom, she was given an apple, and told "if people start being mean to you, eat this".

Lately I have been hearing from quite a few people about how I'm being mean spirited, not nice, or making fun of people. I have also heard things about me being overly sensitive, or not being able to take a joke. No one has pulled me aside, or taken me to the woodshed, but I've been hearing what people have been casually saying to me or about me, it hasn't been isolated to one or two comments, and I've tried to take a good look at myself... what it sounds like is that lately I've been dishing it out, but not able to take it.

Time for me to eat my apple.

The last couple days I've really been trying to think before I speak, and rewriting chats, e-mails, texts before I send them. My apologies to those I might have offended, I'm trying to do better.

18 February 2006

Vroom, Vroom

I liked this quiz:
I'm a Honda S2000!

You live on the edge, and you live for the adrenaline rush. You don't need luxuries, snob appeal, or superfluous gadgets. You put your top down, get your motor revving, and take all the curves that life throws at you at full speed. So what if you spin out occasionally?

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Surgery, part 0002

The dates have changed, the patient remains the same. My surgery will now be on April 18th. I will need some help, this is what I know I will need for sure, because they won't let you drive:
  • someone to take me to the hospital at 0530 4/18
  • someone to take me home at approx 1000-1100 4/18
  • someone to take me to the doctor in CB the afternoon of 4/19
probably will be a good idea to have someone with me at home at least the first day, and after the doctors appt the next day.

11 February 2006

The man, the myth, the legend in his own mind...

Part 1:
Picture courtesy of Bex...
Shirt courtesy of Mae...
Clueless self-image courtesy of me...

Part 2:
Flannel shirt on sale: $3
Construction hat with hand drawn YMCA logo: $6
Ice cream scoop, party horn, remote control: $0

Getting to be a member of the Village People: Priceless.
(photo courtesy Viv)

07 February 2006

Rockstar Party!

Okay, here are the pictures from the rockstar party!

Vivian rockin' out on the (literally) air keyboard.

Our hosts for the party, Kristen & Becky... er, Wayne and Garth.

We had a karaoke machine, every one was amazed at my rendition of "Like a Virgin", fortunately, no visual record exists...

Billy thought Tims singing stunk, or at least the microphone did after this.

Always a hit with the ladies, it's not unusual for Tom Jones (a.k.a Chris) to show up to these parties where he gets all kinds of attention.

Bjork was there too, but kind of quiet... maybe they should increase her medication...

Head shots galore, can I sell these to the Weekly World Star?

Guess who.

Some stars think it's all about the attitude...

... some think it's all about the look...

...some think it's all about entertaining...

... but it's really all about the party!

05 February 2006


My apologies to those of you I have not told personally.

I am having surgery on the 27th of this month. It's for sinus reconstruction. It's outpatient and supposed to take about two hours, and recovery is just short of forever at four to six weeks. I am not necessarily excited about the surgery, but I am excited about the prospect of no more nasal infections AND the possibility of greatly reduced migraines... a coworker of mine said she hasn't had a single migraine since she had the surgery five years ago.

I thought it wouldn't be so bad as to require surgery, maybe just the dry air of winter and my head being cold, but I got the c/t scan. Holy cow, the doctor pulled up the scan on his laptop, and let me tell you, I could have read the thing myself. My septum is deviated a good 1/2 to 3/4 inch to the left, all the bones on the inside of my nose are pushed way to the left too. It is amazing I can breathe through that nostril at all. I wish I had a copy of it to post, but who ever heard of a patient being able to access their own records.

To my wonderful friends who have already generously offered, yes, I will need help. I'll try to figure out when and where. I am certain I will not be able to dance for at least the first two weeks of recovery, probably too much of a chance of bleeding profusely from all the bouncing around.