07 May 2009

Finally, I Won!

As part of game night, we like to play a game called "Werewolf" (this is exactly the same as the game of "Mafia"). Last night we played with ten people, two of whom were Werewolves. It was an entirely different game of Werewolf for me, what made it different? I WASN'T THE VERY FIRST PERSON KILLED!!! The usual way that the game goes for me is that I am the first person everyone decides to lynch. I've probably played this game two dozen times and I can only remember a couple times that I made it to the end alive.

Anyways, not only was not the first killed, but I made it to the end and won the game. I wound up being the Seer (Doctor). The very first night I managed to guess who one of the Werewolves was (Frank), and without revealing myself, talked everyone else into lynching him. So we were quickly down to just one Werewolf. I tried to be low key until it went a couple more rounds and we were down to five people. Overnight I guessed who the remaining Werewolf was (Troy). I hardly could contain myself, the night ended, we all opened our eyes, and I jumped up shouting "I'm the Seer! I'm the Seer! Troy is the last Werewolf!" Fortunately Sarah and Kevin believed me, and we lynched Troy and won the game. I haven't been that excited about winning a game in a very long time. The look on Troy's face when I jumped up and shouted was priceless.

I was pleasantly surprised by the game and the metagame. I knew I liked the game, but the metagaming made it all the more fun, especially since this group has played so many times with one another. Phrases like "Kevin is being too quiet", and "Ben is acting out of (his) character" made it all the more enjoyable. My analysis, though wrong, was fun too; "No one would kill CJ unless they didn't know him". Sarah and I have played so many games with a the "unknown ally" concept that I can 'mostly' tell when we are on the same side, and it was especially true last night.

It will probably be a couple more dozen times of playing before I get to the end again, but at least I have getting excited to look forward to when that time comes.


Sarah said...

The only things I've found about that game is that I make it the end (or near it) when I'm not a werewolf or the seer. Else I'm one of the first three killed.

Viv said...

I think if Matt and I were invited I might killed you. Safe call on your part. :-)