27 May 2009

Day Forty

I have returned to Facebook. I tried to sneak back on by doing it at 0030 last night, but it didn't work ... oh well. I'll be back to dances soon enough, but I'm not sure anything will be the same, and that's okay.

My forty days apart from Facebook and Jitterbugs Night Out was both difficult and rewarding. Having spent several years in Utah, I know what the desert is like ... it is stark and dull, nothing much happens or is there to look at. After a while you start to realize the beauty that is there, the life that occurs ... perhaps more acutely so than you might in a temperate rain forest. So it was with these forty days, boredom and anxiousness gave way to appreciation and peace. I feel like I have moved from scratching out a living to instead living abundantly, everything is beautiful again.

The distractions that were plaguing me were more than just about Facebook and dancing. It was about me losing my way with my Father. As I like to say, if you used to feel close to God, and you don't now, guess who moved. It was I who moved. I have learned a valuable lesson, will I be wise enough to retain it? The only way anyone gets out alive ... is through the mercy and grace God provides. If that means going back out into the desert, by all means I will be there.

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