17 May 2009

Getting to First Street

It's been a nice 25 hours. Saturday night I met Sarah and Suzie down at Spring Fling in Dundee. The Prairie Cats were playing as the closing band. I was there first and surprised to see California Street caged off and people taking money. No matter. Shortly we were joined by Merinda, her mom, and her two aunts. Then Sarah, Micah, and a curiously short haired Ben P. Then Ben C. showed, and Olin, Hugh ... it's like my group of friends like the Prairie Cats or something. We had a fine time dancing for about half of the show, then the crazies and drunks decided to give it a try ... that's okay, the dance floor belongs to no one. It was sweet to get to sit and talk to Micah for half hour or so.

Secret message: Thanks for the picture Jill! It arrived near the end of the P-Cats show.

IMG_0238.jpg - me
Us waiting for the Prairie Cats to take the stage.

Afterward the show several of us headed over to give the new smoothie maker a test run at Troy & Merinda's. It was everything we had heard about it and red.

Sunday dawned, much to my surprise, at 1215. I can't believe I slept that long. I got up and ran to church ... people came in behind me, so i couldn't have been late, right?

In the mid-afternoon I met Sarah at the zoo. We walked around until I decided I was way to hungry to continue, and we headed to Ted & Wally's. Here's an idea flavor makers at Ted & Wally's ... ice cream should not present a challenge to the eater. I don't want Green Pea Black Tea ice cream. Try fruit flavors or something creamy.

So we left there and went to Blue for some sushi and, as it turned out tempura fried ice cream. I tried a new (to me) kind of sushi, vegetarian rolls, and I'm still trying to figure out how I didn't start eating sushi earlier. The fried ice cream was different the the usual, not a crispy outside, but almost like graham crackers. It was giant.

After dinner, it was cold, so instead of a walk, we went on a driving adventure ... to find First Street in Omaha. I've been looking (by driving around) for years, but it turns out I wasn't looking in the right place. I found it this time! After that driving adventure we took another one and drove out to Gifford Farm in Bellevue. We got out to talk to the horses, but only one mare wanted to say hi, and we want to make it clear, we didn't not feed the horses.

IMG_0243.jpg - me
Okay, so the picture is blurry, but there it is. First Street in Omaha. It really does exist.

IMG_0242.jpg - me
Also seen on Sunday, Suzie's secret ride.

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Sarah said...

Hah! I remember when Kate, Annette, and I went on a quest for first street. I think we ended up on that same corner.