20 October 2009

And Now For Something Completely The Same

First Off, congratulation to Matt and Vivian, homeowners and now neighbors. Good job.

Last weekend was typically busy, but not necessarily from work. It started with a bang ... in a bad way ... a friend was visiting on Thursday and had their car broken into at my apartment complex. Window smashed, gym bag full of dirty clothes stolen. What scared me was there could not have been ten seconds between the time the alarm went off and the time that I arrived on the scene. Scary, yes because if I had seen the individual involved, I probably would have done something stupidly manly, and someone (probably me) could have gotten hurt. It turned out that there were a series of car break-ins around my house.

I took Friday off to attend the funeral of Troy's father, Jim. I had met Jim on several occasions and I liked him a lot, he was a very friendly, talkative man. I shall miss him. Maeg and I drove down to Lincoln, and it was as pleasant of an service and celebration as you could expect under the circumstances, very crowded, and I was glad to have the opportunity to attend.

Later on Friday I went dancing. Couldn't miss all the birthday jams, Merinda, Micah, and Jenny.

100_9638.jpg - Me
Micah didn't just have a birthday, she was a winner too!

100_9662.jpg - Me
Jenny makes a bold fashion statement, and those are her dancing shoes, not the boots she came in wearing.

100_9660.jpg - Me
Merinda dances into a new year.

The gentleman dancing with Jenny above is Geoff. He is from Ireland, is in town for work, and a terrific dancer. I now have my first Facebook friend in Europe. Naturally I took a few more pictures here.

Saturday I hung out with VK during the day and amongst other things, we watched some football, including a bit of the disappointing Husker loss. Later on we picked up Kevin from work and went over to Merinda and Becky's (now Mezcal Brothers-less) birthday party. No band, no matter, we had a great time, which had nothing to do with me dominating another game of Qwirkle.

Trouble - Maeg
Quoting Maeg "These four concentrating on the bar either means really good things or really bad things." --photo credit: Maeg

100_9719.jpg - Me
This is everyone doing their best zombie imitation a la Michael Jackson Thriller video.

IMG_2935.JPG - Matt
The birthday girls danced it up all night...
--photo credit: Matt

IMG_2879.JPG - Matt
...and so did everyone else.
--photo credit: Matt

Goodness, you can hardly go online without running into pictures from this event. Here are some from me, Maeg, Matt, and Lisa(from Facebook).

On Sunday I slept in and missed church, a disturbing trend. I had a couple errands to run, so I did so around noon and headed over to VK's. It turned out she was not ready for my visit (it was planned, more in a second), so I went to the Ice House on 108th and Maple to watch some football. It turned out to be way too ADD for me, I like the set up at Farrell's much better.

Around 1500 I headed over to meet up with VK and we went on a walk specifically looking for trees to take photos of for an art project. We walked around Standing Bear Lake and the neighborhood taking colorful photos. The trees aren't quite done yet.

100_9724.jpg - Me

100_9739.jpg - Me

100_9760.jpg - Me

100_9768.jpg - Me

100_9758.jpg - Me
It was all quite serious.

The project is not finished yet, I may post a few of the project pictures somewhere, here are the not quite ready to be called art quality photos ... yet.

After all of that was finished, VK made some chili, and we watched some football. The Bears game started around 1900 and I was enjoying it when all of a sudden these Desperate Housewives appeared out of no where and I was forced to leave ...

... and my Bears later lost.

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