15 October 2009

Weekly Journal?

Oddly enough, it sure seems like this blog has become more of a weekly journal of my activities. It's certainly not a cutting edge repository of fresh political thought ... oops, there is no fresh political thought. At some point my life might slow down enough to post something thought worthy ... meh, probably not.

Last Friday I went dancing. No real surprise there, but it was "hat" Ben's birthday jam, and that hasn't happened in, well, a year.

100_9523.jpg - Me
That's really nice form Ben!

100_9496.jpg - Me
I don't what is scarier, me or my camera.

100_9500.jpg - Me
Margaret claims she was winking at me, but think she just ate a sour gummy worm.

More of this tomfoolery is here.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, the world was (ugh) covered in white. Photo opportunity!

100_9577.jpg - Me

100_9607.jpg - Me

100_9571.jpg - Me

Some of these pictures are really nice.

Sunday Jenny had an impromptu dinner party, and I forgot my camera. It was full of lasagna and laughter. That's all.

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Kate said...

Oh! Snow! Perfect weather for photography.