01 October 2009

Catching Up: Second Weekend in September

Well hello again blog readers, um, both of you. This is the time of year that I catch up on everything that happened the preceding three weeks. It's tradition, I don't mess with it ... it has something to do with Cowtown taking up so much time.

Way back on September 10th, the Creighton University Swing Dance Club had a welcome back to school dance for it's students. I was invited by more than one club member, but that still didn't help me from feeling like the creepy old man, I only danced with one person I did not know. That being said, the weather was amazing, I can't believe more people weren't out on a night like this ... I even missed the first pro football game of the season to go.

DSCN0534.jpg - Me
Andi (not pictured) wore shoes to dance, and Brianne didn't. You missed it, probably will never happen again.

DSCN0540.jpg - Me
There is so much weirdness in this picture, it's hard to know where to begin.

I only took ten pictures ... with Robin's camera, not mine.

I know this may sound like sacrilege, but I actually skipped Jitterbugs Night Out on Friday figuring I would be dancing enough the following week at Cowtown. Saturday was celebration for VK's birthday. It started at Kona Grill, picked by the birthday girl. After dinner we went out to Soaring Wings Vineyard for celebration and then back to VK's house for games.

101_8266.jpg - Me
It was another fantastic weather night. Add in the live jazz playing, friends, and some good wine, it was everything a birthday should be ...

IMG_0581.JPG - Matt
... plus dancing ...

101_8287.jpg - Me
... and a really tasty cake ...

IMG_0629.JPG - Matt
... and the usual shenanigans, it was a night to remember.

Between Matt and I, we posted about 70 photos from the event.

Sunday was the last "official" Lindy in the Park of the year, and it featured the return of the prodigal, um, chef. Annette was there too, heck it seemed like old times, only newer.

Twirly - Maeg
It's a Jillian sighting.

101_8332.jpg - Me
Speaking of Jillian, she made up for all the birthdays she missed by making us all some treats. Mmmm.

IMG_0742.JPG - Matt
I think I shimmed when I should have shammed.

101_8336.jpg - Me
There was power napping going on.

More people took pictures of this event than you can shake a stick at. Me, Maeg, Matt (the whole 2009 season, start middle of fourth row from the bottom), and Jill ... if I forgot someone in there, sorry.

Matt wrote similar blog entry, it can be found here.

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Kate said...

Lindy in the park is one of my summer highlights this year. I can't wait for next summer.