08 October 2009

Caught Up At Last

Really not much to say about last week. I was on call at work, and there was a planned outage on Friday night, so no dancing. Jenny had a bike ride and bonfire at her parents house on Saturday night, so I went to that, only got two calls. It was out near Syracuse, NE and not a bad drive at all.

100_9421.jpg - Me
It was so cold that they are actually freezing these hot dogs for later, not cooking them.

100_9452.jpg - Me
Pam has a great idea!

100_9427.jpg - Me
Fire and smoke make for some interesting pictures.

100_9467.jpg - Me
After the bike ride, Jenny was too tired to haul herself around.

I took a few more pictures but really it was too cold to move.

One more interesting thing happened this week. I finally got myself to a Madness Sale (Ben Rasmussen's band) show, and as double bonus, All Young Girls Are Machine Guns (a.k.a. Becky Lowry) played too. The pictures are off of my iPhone, so a little grainy.

100_9421.jpg - Me
Becky wowed the crowd, barefoot.

100_9452.jpg - Me
This sale was such madness that someone stole Ben's hat!

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