04 November 2010

Fourth Week in October 2010

The previous Friday, when we went to Donut Stop after JNO, Kevin went to Alvarado's first, and then came to Donut Stop. So we all had to watch him eat a huge burrito. Having all those great donuts sitting there was a big help, but I still couldn't shake it. So on Monday I grabbed the offending Kevin and we drove over to Council Bluffs and Alvarado's. For only the second time ever did I manage to finish an entire (#21) Pollo Asado platter. Not only did I finish it, but then I ate at least half the dessert that Kevin bought.

Tuesday I went to Shannon's house after work and played with the littles and Kam while Shannon did her homework. On Wednesday I worked late getting my Windows 7 box set up for work. I actually only forgot one thing, which, in my own defense, I thought would be on the standard install. I also got a Facebook message from one of my long lost cousins, Amy! It's exciting to be in touch with family I never really knew. In the morning the car would not start, no it's not a bad battery, the explanation can be found here. If you can patiently wait, it will start.

Later on Thursday I went to Theology on Tap. Right after that I went to Frank's birthday party at DJ's Dugout and their Blazin' Pianos show. It was Frank's choice, and it was a good time.

Yes, Frank is on the piano.

In other news, on Friday my brother Carl was in New York City to accept his Walt Whitman poetry award. Friday was JNO's Halloween Dance. I actually took my camera!

We did the "Thrill the World" Dance.

I was on guard duty until 2300. My costume was good enough for second place.

Photo Credit: Steven Still - JNO Halloween - 10/29/10 #14
I thought these two deserved an award. Photo credit: Steven

At 2300 I changed out of my costume. Rob and I had a funny conversation about uncomfortable costumes in the mens room, but since it was a mens room conversation, that's all I can say. I was on the teardown crew, so I was there quite late. Here are my pictures of the event, and Matt's can be found here. There are plenty to be found on Facebook too.

Saturday I decided to go on a photo safari to the one of the places I went on June 20 to record pictures of the flooding this year. I thought there would be good colors, but unfortunately, it looked liked the majority of leaves were gone already from the forest, probably due to the high winds earlier in the week. Here are a few I liked:


I think I would have walked further, except that I was suffering from empty stomach syndrome. You can see the rest of my pictures here.

Saturday night was Merinda's big Halloween party. The house looked fantastic, and by 1900 people started arriving. Warning: Ben's panda was so creepy, I'm still having nightmares.

Photo Credit: Jess Kent - Halloween 2010 #21
I warned you it was super creepy. Photo credit: Jess

The king of pop was there ... no monkeys.

A pair of identical twins ... one of whom liked the lipstick more than the other. Photo credit: Matt

I swear if I have to wear these tight shorts for even one more minute! Photo credit: Matt

Photo Credit: Jess Kent - Halloween 2010 #14
What could be sadder than an out of work Jedi. Photo credit: Jess

This is the textbook definition of foppish.

A good time was had by virtually everyone. You can see all of my pictures here, Matt took quite a few too. There are a bunch of Facebook pictures too. We ended up playing Werewolf kind of late, I got killed fairly quickly in both games, so I just started cleaning up ... and randomly yelling at everyone for killing me. There was also a game of Apples-to-Apples. I finally got to bed at 0345.

Sunday morning we made our only Mass Chaos trip to the Cathedral. Too early! What idiot planned this thing anyways? Right after church I went home and tried to get a little nap, it didn't work. I then went over to DJ's dugout to watch some non-Bears football. Finally after this I got some sleep. When I got up, trick or treaters were in full swing. I don't like to drive when they are all out and about.

So I'm caught up with my blog. Yay! It's November, and I'm starting to get everything put back together that got left all summer long. It took just four days into November to be caught up. I am hoping NaNoWriMo will keep me busy.

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