16 November 2010

Second Week in November 2010

This is on call week, so prepare yourself for the shortest 'weekly' update ever. Monday on call started ... I ended up working late anyway, and then taking a couple calls when I got home. Troy received his Kinect, so we had some fun after he got it set up and running. I was sore for the next couple days.

On Tuesday I made significant NaNoWriMo progress.

Wednesday on call had me working at home for three and half hours. After I finished I went downstairs to watch Troy play Dance Central.

P p p poker face p p poker face.

Thursday was Veterans Day. My employer went out of their way to make myself and the other veterans feel special, and I was quite touched.

Veteran's Day 2010
One of our customers brought in a Army vehicle for us to see.

After work I wrote some more for my NaNoWriMo. After writing 600 words I decided that the section probably belonged elsewhere in the book.

Friday I stayed home and waited for work to be busy and it never was. I did take a couple photos of the first snow of the season.

The weather screwed up my lawn cutting plans for Saturday.

Saturday was the same story, work was just never busy. Later in the evening Troy, Merinda, Maggie, and I played Dicecapades for the first time. It was fun, but could be a little more tweaked.

Sunday was not so lucky for work being dead, after being woke up early, I was able to make it on time to the latest installment of Mass Chaos. I tried to enjoy lunch with my friends after wards, but I kept getting calls! Such is the life of being on call.

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