18 May 2011

First Week in May 2011

Monday after work I had the latest meeting of our Disorder of the Stick Pathfinder group. However it wasn't until 1900, so I went to Council Bluffs, got gas, then went to Alvarado's to get some food ... they messed up my order but what I got was still good. Our Pathfinder session was just about us escaping town. We keep finding new and stupid ways to try and get ourselves killed. This time Chris had his character, ByPoe jump into a pit and he almost got stabbed to death. We finally got out, on a caravan, and carried away to another land.

Tuesday night after work there grilling at VK's. We had an unintentional progressive dinner, because that's the way it got cooked. It was all really good, and I definitely ate too much. Wednesday after work I stayed home and finished up blog entries (more below).

Thursday was the initial meeting of Rome and Coke, the new Catholic young adults meeting group. The subject was drinking (in moderation) within the church. There are some super smart, knowledgeable people who go to these things. I'm there to represent the touchy-feely side of the Catholic experience. After our spirited discussion, Joe, I, and about 12 other people headed down to eat at Old Chicago. We had a fabulous time.

Remember when I wrote about blogging the paragraph before last. If you can't remember it, go reread the last sentence and come up with a memory exercise to help you improve. Blogspot blew up sometime in between me finishing writing on Wednesday and Friday morning. So everything I wrote on Wednesday and Thursday was gone. I wrote the entire previous entry, Monday through Thursday on this one, and also the 2011 top ten games entry was worked on ... all gone. At first I thought that I didn't post anything, but people told me they read it, so I know it was there. Further research, i.e., looking at the tabs open on my browser, allowed me to save the previous entry and some of the game entry. However what I already wrote on this entry is gone. It was probably the most insightful, clever, funniest stuff I've ever written too.

In the evening I went to the dance, I was on the clean up crew, so *cha-ching*, I just had to work for a few minutes for free entry. Marilou was celebrating her birthday, so I went out to Village Inn with the group and picked up Marilou's tab, that was nice. Not so nice was me arguing with Maggie, in a mean way.

Saturday during the day I cut some really high grass. Troy likes to have it bagged, and I filled up seven bags full of lawn clippings. Usually it's three. It looked nice when I finished, though. I had an impromptu lunch with VK, which happened because I forgot my credit card at Old Chicago on Thursday. Since I had to go get it, I was half way to her house anyway, so we met in the middle.

Saturday night was Kaleb's monthly game night. I was late! Nine minutes late. They had just started a game of Cargo Noir. It's a new game to me. It's a Days of Wonder game, so it was brightly colored. It was a simple game too, I liked it. We then set up the badminton net and played in the cold and the wind. I had a couple shots of 'warm-up juice'. Finally we came back inside and played Shadow Hunters ... it's about time. Kaleb 'found' the game almost a year after it went missing ... and of course I was the first one killed. I then went to play some ping pong, not the kind where you keep score, the kind where you have fun and talk. Suddenly, we were summoned upstairs to play a game of Ultimate Werewolf. I was a werewolf, and lynched pretty early, we had the very odd occasion of having three out of four nights where the person we killed was saved. The villagers won, not us bad guys. I had a very brief game of Fluxx, which I didn't win. Fluxx is a game that should only be played at Ted and Wally's. The last game I played was (twice) Cash n Guns. This is not a family friendly game, but it is fun. The rules are probably shorter than how I would describe it. I won the second game, finally a victory. The evening ended with Rock Band, which somehow went into 0300 ... how does that happen?

Sunday morning I got up for church early, met Joe, and went to Mass at Saint John's on the Creighton campus, in part, to hear Katie play flute. I then ended up back home and had a bunch of difficulty trying to find someone to go to lunch with me, in fact it was too difficult to accomplish. I went for a walk in the evening to get my total miles walked for the year up over 100, as I noted on Facebook, that's the equivalent of five containers Blue Bunny Coffee Break ice cream. Next week: next week.

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