03 May 2011

Holy Week April 2011

Monday after work I went over to the Ozone to hear the Prairie Cats play. The show was pretty good, but the Ozone had it's usual bad service and way too crowded dance floor, I got kicked a couple of times pretty hard and unfortunately I stepped on someone myself.

Tuesday night I went to Saint Mary's in Omaha for a reconciliation service. In the past I have had my confessions much better planned, written out, and ready to go by the time I hit the confessional. This time I was not so prepared. It turned out to be a much more emotional experience than it has been in the past. I was told to meditate on God's mercy for me, not an easy thing for me.

Wednesday was the first lawn cutting of the year. There really was nothing interesting about cutting the lawn, but after wards when I went to make my dinner, things got weird.

The plastic piece came off of the salad dressing as I squeezed it, and yes I know people who put this much dressing on their salads.

Later I tried to do another chore, but I was confounded by the 'help'.

Holy Thursday I and some friends went to Mass at Saint Margaret Mary to celebrate the anniversary of the idea of Mass Chaos. I was there very early (why don't all people do this?), and enjoyed the church while I was waiting for everyone else. Joe kept pointing out to me that Lent is over once the Holy days started, so after Mass we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Thus ended my Lenten sacrifice.

I took Good Friday off of work. I ended up meeting VK and Bente at Blue Planet Grill for lunch. I have been wanting to try it, and I've reached the conclusion that some restaurants equate 'natural' and 'bland'. Yes, the ingredients were obviously natural, but why so **yawn** ... huh, what? After lunch we walked over to 66th and Center Wohlner's grocery. It's comforting to have a group of friends who, if you lose them in a grocery store, you know where to find them ... in the cheese and/or wine sections. Evidently there are rumors that the acoustics are amazing in the ladies restroom there, and that people test it out by singing the Alleluia Chorus while visiting ... I've been told not to mention anything about this kind of thing occurring. After we left Wohlner's we went to Jones Brother's Cupcakes to build up some energy for the next stop we were going to make. I grabbed the only available table, and we sat and talked. We then went over to Lowe's to acquire some projects for VK's house, a couple faucets and a light.

Friday evening Mass Chaos had it's second to last meeting. I then went over to the dance for a little while.

Saturday I got to work on installing the plumbing and lighting at VK's. Unfortunately, while trying to change the bathroom faucet, things turned weird. There were no valves under her sink, so there was no way to remove the old one without cutting lines. It was one of those things that I sat and stared at for three minutes to try to figure out what I did wrong ... I did nothing wrong, it was installed stupidly. I then installed a kitchen faucet with about a 25 foot hose. After all this work, I need to be nourished, so we went out to eat at Wasabi, which features all you can eat sushi ... so I did. After lunch I did more plumbing, i.e. cleaning traps. I managed to break the drain in the basement too.

I cleaned myself up and headed over to the final Mass Chaos (no link yet) church to celebrate Easter vigil. It was a bittersweet moment, so much of free time efforts have gone into Mass Chaos in the past year, that letting it go was easy. Worry about what would happen with the friendships I had developed caused me to be sad. We had some cake after the Mass at the parish center. Joe and I then went up to Patrick's bowling birthday party.

Easter Sunday began with Joe and I going to a Southern Illinois vs. Creighton baseball game at TD Ameritrade Park. The park is spacious, and I mean the crowd has a lot of room and so does the outfield. The Salukis won 2-1 ... yay!

I think this is the best iPhone picture I have ever taken.

Joe and I had disagreed leading up to Easter Sunday whether the Easter Vigil Mass counted as Sunday obligation. I said yes, Joe said no ... I didn't go Easter morning, but Joe did. However, I got home in the afternoon, and after a short nap, I decided to make a trip to the 1800 Mass at Saint Stephen the Martyr as a Mass Chaos make up, it being one of the two churches I didn't get to the first go around. So I managed to get to 54 of the 55 churches in a liturgical year.

The final part of my Sunday was a meeting of our Disorder of the Stick Pathfinder game. It was just Ben, CJ, and I as my character and Ben's character snuck into the quarters of my murdered master to investigate. It didn't go like I expected, and we are off again to another part of the world to figure it all out.

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