10 May 2011

Fourth Week in April 2011

Monday after work I spent a nice relaxing night at home. Tuesday I went over to VK's to fix the drain that I broke on over the weekend. On Wednesday I ended up on the phone very late arguing with a friend, odd for me.

Thursday night I went out to Gator O'Malley's to see the Mezcal Brothers. It was the first time I have seen them since Playing With Fire in 2009. I didn't drive, so I had a couple beers or so. Maybe not a good idea, but I had fun dancing!

Friday I ended up working a little late, and then was super hungry on the way home. I got two full meals and did my best to finish them. Silly me. Silly because then I tried to dance and it didn't work out at all. I danced a little while, but then I stopped, and went home around 11:00.

It was okay to get the extra rest though, because Saturday was the first day of the Nebraska Renaissance Festival. We had a group of about a dozen people that went.

Maggie was swimming in her armor...

...but so was I ... which way to the war please? Photo credit: Matt

Chain mail hackysacks. The metal wasn't sharp. I thought very hard about buying one, but I did not do so, maybe if I see them again.

Half of our group. Photo credit: Matt

And what day of mine would be complete without a totally inexplicable photo and/or happening.

If you would like to see my photos of the Nebraska Renaissance Festival, including some of Matt yelling "Bring out your dead." click here, Matt's pictures can be found here, and Jillian has some here.

Later in the evening, Joe, Bente, VK, Amber, and I went to eat at Outback. Our waiter was VK & Bente's brother Caleb ... if you are having deja vu about this, it is because it might sound like something we did a few weeks ago. There was a funny moment with my doctor while we were there. We ate a lot of food and then went over to my place to play Dance Central, everyone did participate, some more than others.

Sunday morning was no Mass Chaos, but I did go to church with Joe, Teri, and others. After church we headed over to Assumption Parish to the Czech Fest kick off dinner. I ate too many kolachi and I won at Pickles ... okay, it's not true, there is no such thing as too many kolachi.

Later in the afternoon I did lawn work, then headed over to CJ's at 1900 for installments two and three of Game of Thrones. There was a lot less nudity in these episodes, I guess that they drew you in with it, but it wasn't necessary, there is so much to like and dislike with almost every character that I'll keep watching.

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