23 May 2011

Second Week in May 2011

Just as a note, I've decided to go with a slightly larger picture size. It fits within the format, is easier for me to do, and I don't think it will affect the bandwidth too much.

Monday began the latest version of "No life for YOU!" a.k.a. being on call for work. I celebrated by making mac and cheese that was not too spicy, and yet still tasty.

Tuesday morning I stopped at the c-store on the corner by work, and when I came out, my car wouldn't start ... the usual reason ... it doesn't usually happen at 55°F. I got permission of the store manager to leave my car for a while, managed to get the car out of the way, and walked over to work ... only to discover that I left my work badge in the car. I walked back to the car, and it started. Dumbest reason to be late ever. Tuesday night revolved around work.

Wednesday night while waiting for work to pop up, I played a tower defense game on Kongregate. I'd like to sarcastically 'thank' Kevin for introducing me to tower defense games.

Just thought I'd throw in a picture of my 2011 'garden'.

Thursday was a long drawn out affair for work, I finally got home after 2100. It wasn't the length of the day, it was everything that went wrong in between 1700 and 2100. It started with a fire alarm test that only I didn't know about ... picture me running out of the building to a crowd of no one, and ended with my car not starting after working late. It all turned out well, and no one was injured. After I got home, I was in bed a little bit early, and got through the night with on call.

Friday night I managed to get to Jitterbugs very late and danced maybe six songs or so. Afterward I went to Alvarado's with Lee, Cecily, and Nate. I made Lee laugh for about three minutes straight, and my stomach hurt the next day, although it could have been from all the sit ups.

Saturday I did some car maintenance, new wiper blades, a whole lot of clean up. I then got ready to go over to the Johnson's for their spring BBQ. There was some spectacular hail, good food, great friends, a couple games of Telestrations, and of course, stupid o'clock.

Jessica took this picture after Jenny and unsuccessfully tried to take one
(more like 15) of ourselves.

It hailed three different times during the party.
Photo credit: Matt

Here I am trying to explain what happened to my Telestrations word 'toaster'.
Photo credit: Matt

I took very few pictures, but they can be seen here, Matt took more, they can be found here. Playing Telestrations with amazing cartoonists like Dan and Matt makes for a lot of fun. There was also the big surprise announcement ... Vivian is pregnant! She had a lot of fun with it, telling everyone in advance that it would be a surprise announcement about the color they were painting the house ... White! Navy! Pregnant! Congratulations!

Sunday I went out to lunch with Joe at Nebraska Brewing Company. I felt kind of icky all day, kind of a combination of not enough sleep from being on call, and a bunch of allergies. So, mostly the day was spent napping and then working, and repeat. I ended up getting Culver's ice cream and taking a late night walk.

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