09 November 2011

Last Week in October 2011

Monday and Tuesday I was still feeling very ill. Finally Tuesday afternoon I started to feel more alive, and got out of the house to take a short walk with the camera.

100_4513 100_4501
100_4524 100_4509
You can see the rest of these pictures here.

While I was out, tall Frank called me and asked if I had dinner. I went and sat with him at Swine dining, I ate a little, but not much. Wednesday I was back at work, but feeling a little laggard, but just before 1600 I suddenly got all this energy. I headed out to RCIA after work and then home.

Thursday was the final fall Theology on Tap. Father Brancich of Immaculate Conception was the speaker, he talked about ancient forms of prayer. After the lecture, I went over and visited VK for a while.

Friday evening was the annual JNO Halloween dance. Since no one cares what I have to say about the dance, we'll get right to the pictures.

I suggested the Catholic school girl idea to Ronnie, I didn't think she'd do it.

Merinda was the driving force behind the Angry Birds costumes.

Wait! Maggie was just standing here a second ago.
Also, Josh does not approve of the camera.

This picture went up to my 13th most viewed picture (out of 15k or so) within 72 hours of being posted. The internet loves a pretty girl dressed up like an evil scientist.

There was also a costume contest I didn't place in. And a Jack and Jill contest I didn't place in, although I received some positive feedback about how I did. You can see all my photos of this event here.

Saturday I had some car trouble, it wouldn't start in the morning, and then it still wouldn't start in the afternoon. After 106k miles on the car, I finally had the sort of trouble that couldn't be fixed with a new blinker light, battery, or just waiting it out. Since I've haven't had any trouble with the car, I never really had gotten under the hood. I opened it up and discovered that I really had no access to the spark plugs or fuel lines. I poked at a couple of things, but it wasn't really like I was manly or anything.

Sunday morning I went to church at Sacred Heart with Frank. It was the pastor's fiftieth birthday party, so after Mass there was a gathering in the church gym with 50 (at least) different cakes. I had a really nice visit with Karen and Mark ... and cake.

In the afternoon, we got ready for the annual Halloween party at our house which began in the evening.

This cracks me up.

*Knock knock* ... "who is it?" ... "landshark".

I don't often pose for pictures, but when I do, it's with Cecily.

...and no party would be complete without the world's most awkward hug.

The party, and the weekend wrapped up sort of late, about 0015 or so. You can see the rest of my party pictures here. It was a good weekend, even with the small no car problem.

Next week: My car gets fixed ... or does it???

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