07 November 2011

Third Week in October 2011

Monday after work I stopped by the grocery store, then came home and made dinner. Later in the evening myself, Merinda, and Frank went over to Village Inn for a little pie and relaxation. It ended up being a laugh fest.

Merinda played the claw machine, and won a hat.

Attempt number one to get a pie for Troy.

Tuesday I came home after work and slept. I eventually got out of bed so I could go to sleep on time. Wednesday after work I went to RCIA, then to the store, then home and right to bed. I feel like I'm getting enough sleep lately, but I would like more please.

Thursday evening I went to Theology on Tap, the third week in the series. This night the lecture was about Bible study. The speaker was Sharon Doran from Seeking Truth Catholic Bible Study. She is a very enthusiastic speaker with a great personal witness.

Friday I went to the dance, then to The Donut Stop afterwards.

Saturday was the big road trip to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. The trip was for Merinda to visit the Halloween Haunt, but some of us wanted to get an early start, so Maggie, Beth, Joe, and I headed off earlier. Our first stop was the Chick-Fil-A in Saint Joseph, MO.

It is Chick-Fil-a happiness by Joe
That's the good stuff. Photo credit: Joe

We drove the rest of the way down to Worlds of Fun only making one wrong turn, which of course, was my fault. We parked, and then got on the rides as quickly as we could.

Joe shows what any bro does when surrounded by pretty women, check to see what other pretty women are e-mailing or texting him.

We rode about every roller coaster we could before dark. Troy, Merinda, and Ben arrived, but they got in line to a different attraction, and that is just how the trip went, we kept being in line when they were free, and vise versa. I found out that Joe is absolutely fearless, we went in the haunted houses and Joe got in front and just walked, nothing jumping out scared him at all.

Look I found Beth's disembodied head ... well except it wasn't.

They watch for you in the night ... bwahahahaha!

We finally wore ourselves out with all the roller coastering, and headed home. We got lost again, which again, was my fault. The ride home was fine except for the creepy fog and the creepier angle Maggie's head was when she fell asleep in the back seat. You can see all my pictures from this adventure here.

I didn't end up sleeping quite as long as I thought I would, and I was up and ready to go ... so I went to church. Immediately afterwards I headed over to DJ's to watch the Bears beat Tampa Bay. Good win, I wonder how many weeks in a row the 'smart' NFL analysts will continue to pick against them. Near the end of the game I started to really feel bad. I think in retrospect I dehydrated myself from the Worlds of Fun trip, and just didn't do a good job trying to rehydrate. It took a while to feel better.

Next up, the Bears bye week.

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