25 November 2011

Third week in November 2011

Monday after work I had dinner at VK's house. I like the way that she makes salads, they have lots of onions. Tuesday night after work I blogged for two hours and still only got through one Saturday worth of blog. I had trouble sleeping Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights, so Wednesday when I got home from work, I ate and went to sleep at 2030 ... ah, blessed sleep.

Thursday Maggie came over and we picked pictures for her to submit for the Miss Heartland pinup calendar contest. We picked four. I've never entered pictures in a contest before, so I'm kind of nervous about it. Not as much that people with think my art is crap, but that it captures Maggie the way she wants to be seen and the fun of the Heartland Swing Festival.

100_4156 100_4216
100_4787 100_4841

After this process, which was kind of like going to the optometrist, we went out to dinner at Village Inn. It seemed really expensive, more than Outback or Blue Sushi. I checked the ticket and it was right, I think I might be done with VI for a while.

Friday after work I took a nap, then went to the dance. Saturday was a day full of nothing, and happily so. I played video games and napped and played video games and napped. Perfect! You can do the research, but I don't think I had a Saturday with nothing to do in quite a while, I think the second week in July (I did not fact check). I was happy to do nothing all day.

Sunday morning I got up and went to church, this time at Our Lady of Lourdes. It must be one of my favorite churches, because I like to go there. Father did something very interesting during the Gospel Reading, he asked us to put down our missals and listen to the words of Jesus. It was very rewarding. After mass several of us hung around in the basement talking until we got thrown out (we didn't really, just in case you are reading this without a handy sense of humor).

At 1500 I was back at DJ's Dugout on a football Sunday, who knew? The Bears played the Chargers and ran their winning streak to five. I was really excited about this because looking ahead at the schedule, we'd just won the third of a tough four game stretch, followed by four of the last five of the season being quite winnable. So even with a loss to the Raiders next week and to the Packers on Christmas Day, the Bears would have 11 wins, and that would get them into the playoffs easily.

Then the other shoe dropped and it turned out that Jay Cutler broke the thumb on his throwing hand. NOOOOOO!!! So now it's rally around the back up, Caleb Hanie, and hope that we can get by on defense, special teams, and adequate offense.

Next week: Turkey time.

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