25 November 2011

Second Week in November 2011

As the ads on ESPN say, Monday is football night. This Monday was particularly good, because it was the Bears on Monday Night Football. We met at DJs Dugout and ordered food. It was a tough first half because of the turnovers, but eventually the Bears flexed their muscles and gave the Eagles the beat down. It got us through the tough half of our season at 5-3 and playing much better.

Tuesday started off with a our new employee, Jay, showing up. Within two hours they announced that our immediate supervisor, Regan, accepted a promotion to the training department. Credit to the new guy, I would have panicked if my new boss was leaving. I tried to join the 'not panic revolution', and mostly succeeded. I really appreciate the friendship I have with Regan, and I will miss working with her. The blow was lessened by the hardware update I received shortly after that. New dual 22" monitors for my work computer.

I came home and got a lot of things done around the house. In addition, there were people there, Maggie and Frank who were dancing. Then Jillian showed up with a sample of a new dessert she was wanting me to try out, so we all hung out for a while.

Wednesday night I went to my RCIA class.

Thursday I went out to eat at Outback with VK.

Or was it Out Ack?

From there I went to Kaleb's house to help him test out a brand new game. I can't say a lot about it, but I won, and I liked the game.

Friday after work, Maggie and I planned on going over all of her pictures for the Heartland Swing pinup calendar. It didn't happen, we got distracted by Swine Dining ... again ... they have corn hash. Their sides are amazing. We came back and ended up going right to the dance. After the dance, the group went and got donuts, I went, but didn't end up staying out very late.

Saturday during the day I ran errands, and took plenty of naps so I would be ready for Kaleb's for game night. I played a game of Shadow Hunters ... okay, I started the game, and Adam finished it, it was his first time at game night, and I think he's hooked. I also played a game of Crokinole or two. There was some ping pong with Lydia where I learned that Tom was 64 years old and he brought magic brownies ... those are nuggets you don't get from the big corporate news sources. We got called up to play the largest game of Werewolf ever.

The first picture I've taken on my iPhone that I've really liked.

The first game of Werewolf was excellent if you were a Werewolf, which I was, we won with none of us getting killed. The second game was excellent if you were a villager, only I got lynched. The bodyguard, the witch, and the seer outed the Werewolf team and protected each other fabulously. Later in the evening there was the usual ping pong and Rock Band stuff. I got out of there at a very reasonable 0300...

... but I still made it to church on Sunday. I went to church with Joe, Nancy, and my coworker Sam at Saint Columbkille in Papillion. Sam didn't sit with us, but that's because I didn't see her before Mass started. We sat and talked with Father Kevin for a while after church.

At 1500 you know where I was, in DJ's Dugout ready for kickoff. I was surprised to figure out that I was 'that' guy at the bar, you know, the one who high fives everyone when my team scores. Fortunately, I had plenty of opportunity to do so, because the Bears kicked some Lion booty. I wasn't happy with how rough the game was played, and so it didn't improve my general feeling of dislike of this Lions team.

That was it for this week, next week: The Bears win again, but NOOOOOOO!

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