29 February 2012

Fourth Week in February 2012

Monday after work I went and visited Tom and his ailing foot at his house. Both girls were there, so I spent as much time visiting with them as I did with Tom. Lydia made us play Apples to Apples ... I mean we had the privilege of playing Apples to Apples with Lydia. I actually kind of liked her variation, you got a hand of 10 cards, then played them out, without drawing any more. It worked. Lydia tried to get me to hold Roslyn's Chinese Water Dragon:

My name is Jade, and I don't like you.

Tom, Roslyn, and I were entertained for the next hour by Lydia being the center of attention. Tom then had to retire, and Lydia and I played a game of Word Flip. It seemed a little difficult for an 8 year old, even though the manufacturer says 8 and up. Some of the words that were used were ones I'd be surprised to catch in third grade.

Tuesday night I was inspired around 2200 by a big bowl of ice cream to declare my Lenten sacrifice: ice cream. Troy stepped up to the plate and finished off my remaining ice cream, and I was on my way.

Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, I went to Mass before church, and then after work I came home and went to sleep early.

Thursday the viral bomb dropped, I woke up headachey, lethargic, and stuffed up. I called in to work and surprised myself by staying in bed until Friday about 1730. I got up and got ready for Maggie's Valentine's Day / birthday present, a photo shoot for us by Chelsea. I saw some of the raws, they should be fun. Maggie and I then ate at Trini's, then went over to the dance, which included...

...Maggie's birthday jam...

Mobile Uploads by Maggie McReynolds
...and the coolest birthday cake pops ever.
They were lovingly crafted by Dianna, Cecily, and Adam. Photo credit: Maggie

After the dance we went out to a birthday 'dinner' for Maggie at Village Inn. Saturday it was right back in bed, all day. I just kept feeling crappier and crappier.

Sunday I had places I had to be, church places. I made it up to Mass at Saint Bernadette at 1100. We left there and went to the Pasta feed at Saint Frances Cabrini, for a church feed, that was some pretty good food. I came home and went to sleep. I was up again for the RCIA at the Cathedral. Marilou joined us (Joe and I), and gave me a tour behind the altar, it turns out there is a fine art gallery there. We met with Archbishop Lucas and hung around the church until we were the last people in the Cathedral, then we left.

Cathedral is serious business.

Joe is on a first name basis with Archbishop Lucas ... well he knows Joe's name.

IMG_0942 IMG_0943
Some of the sights at the Cathedral.

Next week: feeling better (?) and Heartland Swing.

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