27 February 2012

Third Week in February 2012

Monday morning I woke up with a backache, I think I managed to hurt my back in the middle of the night. My health has not been so good for the last month or so on a variety of issues. My advice to you; don't get any older than you are now.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day, Maggie came over, and I cooked dinner. I made chicken pauperkash. I did not think it was very good. I think the reason it didn't turn out well was that I made it with salt-free bullion. Well, it was good, it just wasn't fabulous. About 2115 tall Frank came over with Kate, who will be renting the other bedroom across from me. I must confess to some apprehension about this, even with a good friend vouching for her, but she seemed quiet and likable. She will be moving in the first week of March.

Wednesday I went to RCIA after work, and discovered, as I am sure a lot of current college students already know, a new way to take notes in class. While it is likely to be an ineffective method of note taking, it does make sure you capture exactly what was written. When I got home, I did a little bit of dance practice, and then made me some dinner. Later on Zeke provided a photo op...

I am kitten, I am cute.

Thursday, Maggie and I went out to eat for Valentine's day. We went to the 801 Chophouse at the Paxton in Omaha. It was my first trip there. We had no sooner gotten seated than the fire alarm went off, it was quickly taken care of however, and we went along on our merry dining way. The food was amazing, and was prepared by (Omaha Jitterbug, Cubs fan, and mustachio'd wonder) Brian Langbehn, Brian even managed to talk us into dessert, I don't know how, because we were stuffed before it got there. A restaurant like 801 Chophouse is a treat, and I enjoyed it as such, good fun with good company.

Friday after work I went dancing, the usual JNO stuff.

Saturday during the day I met up with Maggie, we went shopping, girl-style, at Target. Had a quiet dinner, and then headed over to Kaleb's house for the monthly game night party. I know that game night cycles through actually playing games, and just having fun, this one started a little later than usual, and I only played two games, two games of Shadow Hunters (which I think I'm getting burned out on again), and another epic game of Werewolf (which I am not tiring of), and by epic, I mean that it took 1:15 with the villagers winning in the end despite several twists and turns that could have gone either way. Sandwiched all around were games of ping pong and various snacks.

Sunday morning we went to Mass at Saint Joan of Arc, and then out to lunch at Chipotle. My notes say that I did more shopping, but I don't remember that at all, so it must not have been important. I then was home, relaxed, and to bed early.

Next week: more health issues, what's going on?

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