17 February 2012

Second Week in February 2012

Monday I came into work, started working, and then left to see the dentist. I got my cleaning, but the broken tooth couldn't be pulled right away, so I set a second appointment for Tuesday. The bad news of the day came from Maggie, her grandmother passed away.

Tuesday morning I set my alarm incorrectly, and was awoken by Jillian at my door. She was driving me to the dentist. I went in and got it pulled, and Jillian brought me home. It went well, but I am not going to pretend that I liked it. I tried to sleep as much as I could, but didn't really succeed all that well. Maggie came to play nurse later on. I am really thankful to Jillian and Maggie for helping to take care of me.

Wednesday I was back at work, but not feeling well, in addition to the jaw aching, I had a migraine ... people who read this probably think I'm an old fart the way I complain about my health. After work I felt better, I cooked some very soft dinner and then did a bit of dance practice with Jillian and Maggie.

Thursday after work I went out to eat with Troy at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was boneless wings night, and it turned out to be a little crunchier than my jaw and teeth wanted to handle.

Friday after work I had dinner with Frank at Lansky's. Then it was over to the Annual JNO Pink Party.

Jenny and I understand how to dress for this party. Photo credit: Matt

Vivian checks out my stitches. Photo credit: Matt

Guess who was at her first dance *ever*?

I took pictures with my camera, not just my phone, you can see them here, and of course Matt took a herd of pictures too, they can be seen here. After the dance we headed over to Donut Stop, and after chit-chatting, we played the Game of Things. We played until one of the answers was about being beyond tired. I noticed once again that my clothing reeked like old donuts when I left.

Saturday was a cold day, so I decided to stay in bed all day. Since I needed something to do while I laid around, I bought Elder Signs: Omens for the iPhone. The rules for the App are a little different than how we interpreted the game when we played the board game last week. After getting my butt handed to me about four times, I finally won a game. After I dragged myself out of bed, Maeg came over and (with Troy) we played a couple of games, first Small World; it sure seems that suddenly when I play this game it's a game of position, Troy went first and won. I had a good strategy, but it wasn't going to win the game. The second game we played was one of my favorites, Shadows Over Camelot. It turns out it isn't as good game with just three players, and when you play it wrong. Oops, we lost.

Sunday morning I went to Mass with Teri and Frank at Saint Margaret Mary. The music was interesting ... very artsy. After Mass, Frank said he was leaving, but then came up to eat with us at Papa Chris Chicago Originals. While we were there, we ran into Chris and Emily, then Marilou joined us. I did not have the Luther burger.

While driving Teri back to her car, we drove past Kaleb's house, and I creepily looked in his window and saw I girl at the table. So I texted to ask him, but he didn't call me a creep, he said "Come on in!" So Teri and I went in and ended up playing a game of Dice Town. I won, quite satisfyingly too. Kaleb thought for certain he was going to be the winner, so he convinced everyone else that he was going to win too, and at the end they tried to take points from him. I just sat quietly, piled up my points, no one bothered me, and then, winner winner, chicken dinner.

I delivered Teri back to her car, then spent the next few hours relaxing and talking to Maggie on the phone.

Next week: Not alone for Valentine's???

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