16 May 2012

First Week in May 2012

On call week, and for a change of pace, actual, physical labor at work.

I'm kind of noticing that I am running on Mondays and Thursdays. I want to run three times a week in May, but I don't know if I'll get to that goal. On Monday I ran 1.49 mi (2.4k) in 14:41 (9:51 pace) and it didn't go so well. Although I felt motivated, as I got to lap 10, I felt a twinge in my left calf. I went two more laps running, then just slowly walked until I had to get back to work.

Tuesday after work I cut the grass, and then made dinner. I was pretty sore from all the activity. I don't actually mind being sore, it reminds me that I am being physically active.

Wednesday right after work I went to RCIA, but work 'called' just as I got there and I went home to help someone out instead. After I helped to resolve the issue and eat, I participated in a little dance practice. I decided to bake some cookies for the people who remained, but this wasn't the only thing that baked, the kitchen got very, very warm.

Thursday evening after I got home, and the work calls settled down, I went running - 2012 run #11 - 3.32 mi (5.34k) in 37:11 (11:12 pace). It's the furtherest I've ever run! It was a good pace, I felt like I could run further without too much difficulty. The hills around the house are more challenging than the track at work. Between walking and running, I covered nearly six miles in one day.

Because I was on call, on Friday I waited until after 2300 to go to the dance. I swung by Donut Stop after the dance, but around 0100 the on call phone started ringing, and I had to go home and work.

Saturday morning the work continued, but stopped long enough for me to run errands. Most of the afternoon and evening was spent alternating between work, video games, and napping.

Sunday morning I wasn't too disturbed by work, and woke up around 1100. I went to church at Saint Columbkille in Papillion at noon, and then made the short trip over to the downtown park in Papillion for (the other) Lindy in the Park. Amazingly, there was not a single work sighting at all. The weather was cool and and breezy, inspiring Matt to call it "Windy in the Park".

I'm right there in this photo, no there, in the gray building! Photo credit: Matt


R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Photo credit: Matt

We already knew she'd grow up with a camera in her face,
so I guess she's already used to it. Photo credit: Matt

I like that location, because you can walk over to the Dairy Queen, so Maeg and I did. Matt took a bunch of pictures, you can find them here. I took four more pictures in addition to the one above here.

The rest of Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday night. All in all, it was not a good on call week, one of the busiest I've had in five years.

Next week: no on call.


Photo credit: Matt

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