30 May 2012

Fourth Week in May 2012

Monday after work I enjoyed a little Diablo 3. I realized it's going to be really hard to document my progress writing a week after the fact ... so, at the time of this writing, I'm level 28 with my Demon Hunter. Although I am happy with my display, I do recognize that Troy's video is much better. I think it's strange that Troy (or any other friend) can just jump in my game at any time. I am getting used to the new skill tree, and I think for my class the 'companion' feature is underpowered.

Tuesday at lunch I went on 2012 run #16: just one mile, but in 8:27. After work Maggie and I went to eat at Lil Burro in Bellevue. Afterwards we went the backroads over to Shadow Lake to do some shopping. She wanted me to fall into the 'shopping for a swimsuit for her' trap ... but I wasn't falling for it at all. I got a BPA free cup for work, some groceries, and then we went to Dairy Queen in Papillion.

Wednesday after work was the final meeting for RCIA, and it was a picnic ... literally. I brought a green salad and Joe. I am going miss this group of people they are so nice.

Thursday after work I met Maggie at Jonesy's Tacos and then went over to Christy's house for the JIVE meeting. I thought it went really well with Maggie running the show. There was a lot of good conversation and more beautiful weather. When I got home, guess what? More Diablo 3.

Friday was a pretty slow day at work, what you might expect for a pre-holiday Friday. Immediately after work I went out to the track and ran a 5k, that's 2012 run #17. I ran the 5k in 29:41, so my first one sub-thirty minutes. I came home, rested for a bit then got ready to go to the dance.

Really I'm back in there somewhere. Photo credit: Matt

It's okay, I've seen most of the adults in this picture
on one of the tables at some time or another. Photo credit: Matt

Clint celebrates his last night at Donut Stop in a while with a milk.

Saturday during the day I was pretty lazy. I like to treat three day weekends as Saturday being the 'free' day, and Monday as though it was Sunday. This way I don't feel like I need to do anything on the first day. After hanging out all day, maybe playing a little Diablo 3, I got out of the house around 1630 and went out to golf. I tried Eagle Hills (no actual eagles or hills are involved with the naming of this golf course) first, but they had an event. So I phoned ahead, and I ended up at Willow Lakes. Surprisingly, it was empty, or virtually so. I played 36 ... okay, I played 18 once with two balls. I had a 80 and an 83 from the whites. I played the nines backwards. On 18 I played the best drive of the day into a double bogey. However, on 9 I just missed an eagle putt and ended up with my only birdie of the day. It was one of those strange days when I was happy with the score, but not how I played.

Late in the evening I finally showed up to play a game of Bases, after missing several ones I was invited to. While somewhat easy to describe in theory, sort of a cross between hide and, simon says, and red light, green light, the actual play was different. I started off playing a little too intensely, then I got smart and played at a pace that was better speed for someone my age. I went from a speed tactic to a hiding unexpectedly tactic, it worked. All this being said, OMG I am sore, right through Wednesday the following week. I need to play myself into shape.

Sunday morning I was up 'early' and off to church at Saint Bernadette's. After church, I came home and took a nap so I could be well rested for the last event of the week; Kaleb's game night, now with extra nice weather ... oh, and my camera.

Hopefully this will keep me out of trouble with Maeg for a while.

It's funny, we have pictures from when we play badminton,
but almost none from around the world ping pong.

The first game I played was Stone Age. Despite my bad position in this picture, I won.
Oh and maybe Lizzy does not want her picture taken.

The second game was To Court the King.
I thought I had a good strategy, it just didn't have time to develop, Maggie won.

IMG_5043 IMG_5058
IMG_5069 IMG_5072
Some of the many fabulous faces of playing Werewolf. I was out pretty early in the first game as a villager. In the second game I was a Werewolf, and I thought things were going pretty well until another team member made a calculated play against the villagers that didn't work. We then quickly lost.

The evening also included plenty of badminton, ping pong, Rock Band, and playing with the camera. You can see all my pictures from Kaleb's game night here.

Next week: Memorial Day.

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