02 May 2012

Last Week in April 2012

I got a case of the crazies. It's probably not particularly bad, like say, this was 1997, but I've been feeling all over the place. Fortunately, by this point in my life, I have plenty of experience in dealing with myself and my mental foibles.

Monday during lunch I went for run #8 of 2012, 2.49 mi (4.0k) in 24:16.1 (9:45.8 pace). My motivation decidedly was missing, but the pace was good. I might have gone one more lap, but meh. After work I made dinner for the week. Troy was watching TV, and I finally looked up and blurted out "What are you watching?" I could see he was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I was so surprised that I just said something stupid, and got a well deserved dumb look from Troy about it.

Tuesday Maggie came over and I made dinner for her. After dinner we went for a walk. It turned out to be a bad idea because Maggie didn't have the right shoes for walking, but we had a nice conversation before she began to get sore.

Wednesday was National Walk at Lunch Day, and I participated, fourteen laps around the track in about a half hour. I got swag out of the deal, a keychain light.

Thursday I went running again during lunch. 2.49 mi (4.0k) in 25:56 (10:26 pace), I started off fast, but the pace really fell off near the end. While I was driving home, I felt hungry, but I didn't know what I wanted, when suddenly I was inspired, by Swine Dining. I drove down to Old Towne and then home to eat. Troy was watching some more Buffy, and so I did too. After dinner I did some chores and headed to bed kind of late.

Friday after work was the usual dance. It's social dancing, but I don't really feel like being social sometimes. There are many moments that I like just dancing, saying thank you, and moving on. I enjoyed myself, although I wasn't dancing particularly well. After the dance several of us went out to the Donut Stop. Ben brought in his game of Cards Against Humanity, so we played. It wasn't as much fun the second time ... and we were interrupted while we were playing by another Donut Stop patron.

Saturday at lunch Frank, Maggie, and I went out to lunch at Swine Dining. Yes, that's twice in 48 hours. I'm eating less now when I am there, so that is good, but I'm still waiting for leftovers. Then Maggie and I went and meet Chelsea about getting finally getting the pictures she took of us printed and delivered to us. We met in a parking lot and I handed her money, I'm surprised the cops didn't come and bust us.

In the late afternoon I went out to golfing for the first time in a few years. I triple bogeyed the first hole, but then was only eight over for the rest of the round. Actually, the last seven holes I was even par. I didn't think I golfed particularly well, I just didn't let myself get into big trouble. My secret to good golf, no 8s!


Sunday 'morning' I went to church completely on my own, picked a pew randomly from the back of the church, and of course, sat down right next to Joe. After church we went out to lunch. That was my week.

Next week: On call, probably more of nothing.

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