23 May 2012

Third Week in May 2012

About halfway through my work day on Monday, I received a message on Facebook that Insignificant Other was going to be playing downtown in the evening on a street corner in the Old Market. Yay! I have plans. I rode downtown with Frank, we picked up Heidi on the way. We met Maggie downtown; there was dancing, good music, ice cream at Ted and Wally's (Ginger Ale and Strawberry mixed), and beautiful weather.

Oh, and did I mention a alien puppy? Get away from that thing Frank!

Tuesday at lunch was 2012 run #14. 1.74mi (2.8k) in 16:58 (9:43 pace). This was my first time trying to run with only one day off between runs, maybe not as long as I wanted.

When I arrived home my copy of Diablo 3 was on my desk. I'm not sure I like any of the character choices, but I ended up playing a Demon Hunter. I'll try to give some updates as I play. I played for about two hours the first night. Troy and I played some together, but for the most part I played alone. It played just fine on my computer. So far I think it's beautifully rendered and I only have had one glitch.

Wednesday I went to RCIA, where we watched the movie Saint John in Exile. I had seen this movie before, but probably not in fifteen years.

Thursday I went to Mass in the morning at Saint Columbkille, then to work. While I was at work I got a sudden migraine and ended up going home. I slept for about three hours and then felt better. I did play some Diablo 3, but it wasn't any stupid human trick, I really felt bad mid-day. Maggie came over in the evening, we ate dinner and went for a walk. It was a watershed walk for the year, I made it over 100 miles walking for 2012.

Friday morning I got on the internet and looked up prices on new cameras. I found a sale at Target, so at lunch I went over to the store to look (Maeg said I was buying the whole time, she was right), and I mean just to look. I walked out with a new camera and second lens for a really good deal, less than I saw on the website.

Where did all my money go?

Immediately after work I ran on the track at work, 2012 run #15, 5k in 32:10, that's a 10:22 pace! I would rate this run as too windy, I mean really too windy. Afterward I went home all sweaty, ate, cleaned up and went to the regular Friday dance with the new camera.


New camera, still the same problem with shooting inside the Eagle's Lodge
... bad lighting.

Grand Marquis was playing.

The best, or, my favorite picture, from the night.

You can see all of the picture that I, and others, took with my new camera here. I went home right after the dance.

Saturday I got up 'early' and went out to the Prosanctity camp to help clean up. This may be a regular item, or at least I'm planning on it being so. I did some heavy lifting and some gardening. It's good to help out. I came home, napped, and then played Diablo 3 for several hours in the evening. I got my Demon Hunter character up to level 20 by the time I went to bed, sort of early.

IMG_4503 IMG_4496
There was one other event for the evening.

Sunday morning I met Teri and Frank at Holy Cross for church, and then we went our separate ways, sort of ... Teri went to the same place I did, the Farmers Market at Stinson Park, but we went for different reasons. She was going to shop, I was going to Lindy in the Park.

Reason to Lindy-Hop #17: anti-gravity.

Vivian, what kind of bug is that on the ground? Photo credit: Matt

Aw, it's all the jitterbabies ... and Brian.

After the dance we went to Jones Brothers Cupcakes and we, um, we ... uh.

Yeah, I took pictures, you can find them in a group here, Matt took pictures too, you can find those here. I came home, took a very short nap and then got ready to go to Shannon and Scott's nursing school graduation party. Maggie had a little trouble finding the place at Lake Zorinsky, but finally we met up and had some fun and food.

The graduates! Now just a couple boards to pass and they'll be rolling in cash, right?

IMG_4752 IMG_4796
What's up with those McNamara girls?

There was an eclipse! But I don't know how to use the camera yet!

Help me! Help me ... too late, they got me.

Sunset came, and the party broke up, and I went home. You can see all my pictures from the party (and a walk with Maggie) here. It was a magical weekend thanks to everyone who I hung out with.

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