21 May 2012

Second Week in May 2012

Monday was the end of on call. You can tell it's my blog because every eight weeks I say the same exact thing. And then I say the next thing immediately after that. I was tired and I went to bed early. Oh, and I went running at lunch, 2012 #12: 2.49 mi (4.0k) in 24:08 (9:43 pace), and it was not nearly far enough.

Tuesday after work I met Maggie at Stinson Park. We ate dinner at Jones Brothers, I had the Cuban sandwich, and was very surprised at how good it was. Afterwards we went and saw the Avengers. It was really good, but I'm probably not telling anyone anything they don't already know. Bruce Banner / Hulk was my favorite.

Wednesday we had a very short RCIA class.

Thurdsay at work was more physical labor. I kind of liked it.

Friday was a half day at work. I left two minutes early, really, I did. I drove from work down to Papio Greens and played 36 holes of Par 3 golf: 63 & 58 (par 54). I did really well during the middle of each round, not so well at the start or the finish. I think I'm still pretty good at this game though. I went home cleaned up and drove off to Maplewood Lanes for Beth's birthday party. I bowled two games, 112 & 140, so my usual stinkyness. After bowling, we went to DJs Dugout for Blazin' Pianos.

All I wrote on the request slip was "It's Beth's birthday, embarrass her".
They did a fine job.

Maggie and I stayed with Beth and Jared until after midnight, so no dance for us.

Saturday morning I ran errands and then headed over to the Nebraska Renaissance (a word I can spell without looking it up) Faire. I threw on my Miracle Max hat just for fun.

Yes, I think we get this same picture every year.

The mushrooms are surprisingly comfortable.

I have no doubt that these guys are crazy.

After we left the Ren Faire, Heidi, Maggie, and I went over to Culver's. While we were eating, Sarah B. walked in (we had seen her at the Faire) and we all sat around and talked. Later in the evening, Maggie and I took a walk over the BK Pedestrian Bridge (maybe I should just call it the BKPB). It was a lovely night.

Sunday I was up and off to church. I went with Teri to Saint Columbkille at noon, but we didn't hang out afterwards. I came home and had run #13 for 2012: 3.35mi in 35:25 / 10:34 pace. I was partly motivated by Spanky. He started running recently also and said he ran a 5k in 35 something, I had to beat it. In the evening, I went over to Menard's and finally got my 'garden' planted.

(R to L) Tomatoes, peppers, more tomatoes, flowers, and future chives.

I noticed no one at Menard's was particularly interested in helping me. When the counter person finally showed up, I was standing at one of the two registers, and she went up to the other one with out a word and just stood there looking somewhere else. Then, before I could get over to the other register, another Menard's employee went up and struck up a two-three minute conversation with her while buying a light bulb while I waited. It wasn't really bad customer service, it was just indifferent. Although Menard's was the guilty party this time. I have noticed some employee indifference in more than one big box store lately. I got a couple different theories, but they are just as good as guesses probably.

Next week: A new camera!

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