13 December 2012

First Week in December 2012

Monday morning, and another migraine. After work I ran some errands, but I ended up tired and in bed pretty early.

Tuesday after work I cooked. I made breaded chicken and pasta with a bleu cheese sauce, yes, it sounds weird, but it was good. I tried making orange chicken too, it looked fabulous, but it didn't taste very good, basically it was not sweet at all.

I've had a lot of subpar cooking and baking experiences lately, but it looks good.

Wednesday after work I met Troy's new girlfriend, Dorina at the house. She was surprisingly tall. She seemed friendly.

Thursday I took my lunch and went to the doctor's office. I felt like I was getting a nasal infection. PA Laura wasn't so sure, so it's back to waiting to see what develops. After work I went and got Alvarado's, then went and ate it at Frank's house. We visited while Frank baked cookies.

I don't think Ginger is technically photobombing.

Friday right after work I met Teri at Saint Matthew's in Bellevue. Saturday was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and we went to the vigil. After Mass we went and ate at Lil' Burro in Bellevue. I came home, changed, and went to the dance. It's been several weeks since anything happened after dance.

Saturday was an exercise in juggling errands, clean up for the chili party, and cooking my entry. I decided to not be exciting and try a new chili entry, so I made the same chili I have been making for years. I did manage to get appropriately colored tablecloths.

Sunday morning I was up and at Mass with Frank and Teri at Holy Ghost. Lacey was there in the choir loft. I like going there, but the congregation is not involved musically.

I left there, came home, met Maggie, and then headed over to DJ's Dugout to watch the Bears with Frank Ortiz, Maggie, and Ben. The Bears are not getting positioned well, again in the back corner, and there was no reasonable spot to watch the game from, so we sat right in front of a 40 inch TV and enjoyed our lunch ... but not the game, we lost, but it wasn't really over until the last minute.

I came home and finished up with the set up for the fifth annual Ben and Eric's Chili Throwdown. OMG, that was an awesome party. I expected 40-45 people, and we got closer to 70. There were 14 chili entries, about a dozen desserts, and half dozen sides.

The new voting method (with beads) worked out fairly well with one unexpected consequence, several people had counted them up before the official tally took place, but everyone was excited for the announcements.

IMG_0797 IMG_0801
Joe won best side dish with his hard salami and took an awesome picture.
Sarah won best dessert with her cherry cheesecake dip.

Adri place third with her Slytherin Colon entry.

Julia's Goldilocks (Just Right) entry placed second. Photo credit: Matt

CJ is now a three time in a row winner with his Phoenix Down entry.

If you are thinking all this sounds familiar, yes it is the same 3-2-1 finishers from last year. We finished up the rewards and opened the party up to ... whatever. About a dozen people went upstairs and played some board games, about a 1/3 that was left was dancing, and the rest talked and 'filled up the corners'. As far as events that I (mostly) put together, this one was the best by far, thank you all for coming and making it so.

Party set up is going exactly as I planned.

The expert in bartending.

Hannah has a spoon! Photo credit: Matt

Great pies. Bad puns. What's not to love, thanks Lee. Photo credit: Matt

Is this thing working? Sound check 1-2-1-2-1-2. Photo credit: Matt

Dancing... Photo credit: Matt

...dancing... Photo credit: Matt

...and a Shim Sham! Photo credit: Matt

Next week: an inbetween week.

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