24 December 2012

Third Week in December 2012

Monday morning I had a motivational deprivation moment, and couldn't quite get out of bed, so I didn't. I called in, slept until 1030, and then ran a whole bunch of errands. In the evening I went and saw a movie at Kaleb's house, a documentary called
Rabbit Fever. Kaleb is in this movie, not as an actor, but himself, and I enjoyed the movie because it is about real people. I almost always think reality is more interesting than fiction. We played some Rock Band too.

Tuesday after work I made fish that was really, really tasty. After I finished dinner and cleaned up, I hung out with Heather.

Wednesday was the first snowmeggedon of the season. In the morning they were predicting four to eight inches of snow, by 1500 it started raining and it was seven to twelve inches predicted.

The thing that made this snowmeggedon annoying was four weeks ago I planned a night out for Katie at a sushi bar with the members of JIVE. People who were going to attend were dropping like flies all day, and finally around 1630, I called the restaurant, and they said they were closing ... sigh. I came home instead in just a couple inches of snow (really people) and spent the night shoveling, cooking, and playing video games.

Does this look like any reason to not go out?

Thursday morning and it was the big test for my new car, and about 75% of the reason that I got it, so I could get around in the snow. Maeg had a two hour delay for work, so she was still in the driveway, and I was in the garage. First test for the new car, swap spots in the driveway. Maeg backed her car up, I scooted mine right out and to the left, and then had to push Maeg into the garage ... success! I finished getting ready and headed out towards work. Before I got to 370, I got a call from my coworker Curt, who was stuck in his subdivision, and he wanted a ride. I drove over to his house, and as I pulled into his (steep) subdivision I thought to myself "this will be fun." and worried if I was going to be able to get out with the amount of snow and the grade. No problem, I got out of there will not even so much as a wheel slip, including going over a pile of plowed snow (18" or so) that would have stopped the Saturn dead in it's tracks. New car 1, stupid snow 0. Pretty much all my doubts about buying it dissipated like this snow in a Nebraska August. After a day of work, I took Curt to his house and then headed home.

After a nice dinner I sat down on the comfy chair and napped, I woke up after about 15 minutes suddenly very dizzy. I ended up heading to bed pretty early. It was weird, fine before, fine in the morning, but really disoriented in between.

Friday was work and dance. Finally got to see Katie at the dance. There was a dance contest, regular readers of this column already know how I did if it is a dance contest, as in, not well at all. Katie had the camera during the contest.

If we have enough dance contests, I have to reach the finals at some point, right?

"...actually, I have two left feet"

IMG_0881 IMG_0911
The distance from 'awesome!' to 'what?' is 30 clicks of the shutter.

You can see all the pictures from the dance here.

After the dance a small group of us went out to Village Inn with Katie so we could visit with her a little while. Which unfortunately, was just a few minutes before she had to go off to one of her many crammed in social engagements. I ended up staying up until about 0300, sheesh.

Saturday morning I woke up too late to do my usual errands, although perhaps got up might be better phrasing than woke up. In the afternoon Kaleb was having a game 'night', I went by Amsterdam and got a couple order of curry fries and took them over to Kaleb's. I think Tzeyu and I ate most of them, but I started the game playing early and kept going all night.

The first game we played was a new game to me, Fleet. It went pretty well, but all the rules were not understood until we played. Kaleb won. It is a game about running a fishing fleet.

The second game was also a game with boats in it, Cargo Noir. I really like this game, from it's colorful graphics, to it's simple game play, to it's cutthroat nature, I like it. I didn't win, but I did have fun.

The next game was Cthulhu Fluxx, Ben got it for Christmas. Yeah ... I learned to play Fluxx on Stoner Fluxx and the original ... I don't like the newer versions. We played twice and well, if I don't play it again, okay.

Troy said for me to go grab a game for five, I thought about Dicetown, but ended up with Ra. Ra is one of my favorite games, I was not a winner, but I did enjoy the game.

The fifth game played was Bang! I was on the winning team for this game, but posthumously, I was a deputy and tried to kill others to protect the sheriff, and in process, I got offed, but the sheriff lived and the bad guys didn't.

An eight player game of Liar's Dice at a table built for four was next. I did much better than I usually do, down to the last three, I made a desperate bid then, but I was eliminated and Ben won the game.

We then played two games of Werewolf, only it wasn't Werewolf, it was 'grinches' with Christmas themed characters instead of the usual villagers and werewolves. The cards were hand drawn by the guests. In the first game I was 'Clarice', the cupid character, and I made Tom and Troy the lovers. It didn't come into play, but Troy did make it funny by sitting in Tom's lap. The villagers ... er, the elves, won the game.

The second game I moderated. I did make one mistake, Tzeyu was the witch ... er, Mrs Claus, and I called her by her real name, oops. The villagers ... yeah, yeah, elves won again. It's such an interesting game because it is so easy to see what should happen when you are on the outside for the entire game. Big props to Maggie for being the cupid character and making Adam and Jacob (real life brothers) into the lovers ... grossly awesome, or awesomely gross

There was one final game I played, 7 Wonders. I had the expansion Manneken Pis card, and I did not like it at all, too dependent on what your neighbors were doing. I ended up finishing up in the middle, fourth out of seven. I got home at at a reasonable hour ... oh, who am I kidding, I didn't get to bed until after 0300.

However, Sunday morning I was up and out at church at Saint Bernadette with Frank at 1100. After Mass we went out to lunch and then I came home to 'watch' fantasy football. Actually I was only watching CJ's league, where I was in the final game and won. The only thing that tempered my trash talking was my last place finish in Kaleb's league ... okay, not really tempered at all, I'm a winner baby!

Later in the evening I hung out at home and didn't do much.

Next Week: Christmas!

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