05 December 2012

Last Week in November 2012

Monday morning I had another migraine. I am really open to suggestions about what is going on. Mondays bad and Tuesdays mild every week since August. I went into work, got my reports worked on and then went home. After I woke up felt fine, I went back into work and finished the day off. I was home and I slept.

Tuesday was the end of the old car title saga, I took the title down to Woodhouse, signed it and completed the process so I could get my new car taxed and titled. After work I came home and hung out with Maeg. She had the Wii hooked up and was playing Legend of Zelda. I made ice cream and offered excellent advice about the best way to play.

As you can see, I'm not paying attention to the right thing here.

The evening took a change in direction when Troy came home and couldn't walk. I helped him find the crutches, then I took him up to the hospital and waited with him there until 0200ish.

It didn't look like much at the hospital, but it developed nicely later.

Wednesday at lunch I went to the Sarpy County Courthouse to get the new car taxed and titled. The lady there asked me if I wanted the same plates, I said no, and took chance on the plate roulette, I liked the results. After work I did some chores.

Thursday about 1500 Darren asked me if I was still taking Friday off ... um, um sure. So surprise, I quickly made some plans. After work I went home and hung out with Maeg while she played Zelda.

Friday morning I went and picked up Lee and after getting the car filled up and washed, we went to the Henry Doorly Zoo. It was a nice day, and I actually planned ahead and had bread. We walked pretty much all the way around the zoo. I set a new record for myself, I got thrown out of the goat area before I actually got all the way in, not just anyone can do that. In other news, the baby giraffe was so cute.

IMG_1551 IMG_1552
I like to pretend I'm a penguin sometimes, Lee likes to pretend she's a shark.

I have no one to blame for this, I took the picture.

I couldn't
bear to have a post without a bad pun.

After the zoo, we went up and had dinner at Phil's Five Buck Lunch Truck. The special was Buffalo Chicken Alfredo, and both Lee and I belonged to the clean styrofoam container club. Lee insisted all day that we would run into someone we know (because that happens to me), and we did, Cameron from Funk Trek was at the truck. We drove around a little bit, and then went out to TJ Maxx in Council Bluffs, but we didn't see Merinda's car, so we didn't stop in.

In the evening, I went to the dance. There was live music, the student big band from UNOmaha. They were pretty good, nothing too fast, with a couple of slow songs. After the dance, Dena took Lee home, so I was left with nothing to do. No problem, I went home and went to sleep.

Saturday morning I ran errands. I didn't do much in the afternoon, but in the evening I went over to Kaleb's to watch the Big Ten Championship as a Husker fan. I picked up Amsterdam fries on the way for Kaleb and I. Troy stopped by on the way to his concert and we enjoyed the fries. As far as the game went, yeah, well there wasn't much to cheer about unless you were a Bucky Badger fan.

Maeg was there, then Ben, and neither of them thought much of the football game. So we played a game of Arkham Horror, Kaleb's game, not Ben's, so no expansions, set up in ten minutes, and I couldn't believe how few cards there were. We won the game, in typical "Oh, hey, we won!" fashion. Kaleb has an earlier version of the game, and I suspect some of the cards are different. Clean up was likewise unexpectedly easy.

We played Quarriors. It began because I saw expansion cards on the counter, and proceeded to embark on a wild goose chase for the game in Kaleb's game room. Ben and I asked Kaleb where the game was and we both heard "In a 'Q' shaped tin container in the game room." After several minutes of searching together, we asked Kaleb again ... oh, he said "In a cube shaped tin container..." Tada! We found it right way. It might be a better game with five players than three.

Sunday morning I woke up at 1015 and managed to make it to Mass at 1030 at Saints Peter and Paul.

Then headed over to DJ's Dugout to watch the Bears lose in overtime to
Seattle. That's three out of four, we may have peaked at the wrong time of year. On a positive note, I did win $24 at keno. After football I went to Menard's with Maggie to help her pick out a tree stand. It was pretty easy to find, but we did look at everything Christmassy.

I came home and went on 2012 run #49, 5k in 30:21 at a 9:43 min/mi pace. I felt good when I finished.

I made a late grocery run, nothing exciting there. However when I tried to give myself a late haircut, I had an issue. The issue was that I forgot to put the guard on the clippers when I started, so I accidentally 'shaved' the sides. Oops. I tried to fix it unsuccessfully, so I ended up with this. I had to fix that too, so it ended up a mohawk, but not a super visible one.

Next week: ends with the 5th annual chili party.

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