17 December 2012

Second Week in December 2012

Monday was a typical day, but with one important difference, no headache! First time in months, except for vacation week.

Tuesday after work I went down to Frank's house and had dinner. He made ham and scalloped potatoes. It was very tasty. I provided a salad, and he provided leftovers. I came home afterwards and tried to make press cookies ... I wouldn't call it a total failure, but it was close.

Wednesday after work I went out to dinner with Merinda at Sgt Peffer's. We visited for about an hour and a half, then I went grocery shopping at Hy-Vee on the way home.

Thursday was a quiet day at home.

Friday after coming home and taking a nap, I headed out to the dance. I had gotten a text from Hannah that she would be there and wanted to dance with me. Only 13 months and already texting ... seems pretty quick to me.

Saturday morning I was up and rushing like mad to get some money and go to meet people at the theater in Bellevue to see The Hobbit. We saw it in 3D at 48fps. I was a little nervous, thinking that I might get nauseous with the higher frame rate and 3D. I even took my dramamine. It turned out to be nothing to worry about, I was fine. As far as the movie went, the 48fps made the special effects obvious, so some of the wonder was not there. However the movie itself was good, and not like the reviews had warned. I did not think it dragged on like I read online.

I headed from there to Amanda's going away party way out in west Omaha. I didn't bring my camera, and only Chris took pictures, but they aren't up yet, and frankly, I don't know where to find them. Amanda got her doctorate and is moving to Maryland, and this was the big send off, with good food, of course.

I left there and went to Jenny's annual Christmas party.

"It's a Fraser Fir and we're calling it Tommy, get it?" Photo credit: Matt

Not quite as spacious as previous apartments. Photo credit: Matt

I can't quite decide if this is horrible or awesome. Photo credit: Matt

Best white (blue) elephant gift ever! Photo credit: Matt

A sure sign we are all getting older, the party broke up before midnight, if even that late. You can see all of Matt's pictures here.

Sunday morning I went to Mass with Teri at Holy Ghost. I came right home afterwards and did not go to the bar to watch the Bears, too many Packer fans at the bar. The Bears lost another game, and another one that was not decided until the last minute. I'm not exactly blind, but I'm not hitting the panic button either, win our final two games, one against a bad Arizona team and the final against a Detroit team that looks like it has quit.

In the evening I had dinner with Heather. We went to Lansky's for dinner, and I found a new 'quick' way to get to her house, other than the old slow way I used to get there. It turns out when you go the quick way you can see that Heather lives right by my coworker Pat ... who knew?

Next week: the last full week before the new year.

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