29 June 2005

Goodbye Old Job, Hello ???

It is finally upon me, the end of the project that I have been working on for almost exactly a year. I cannot say I am sorry to see it go, it wasn't a big money maker for my company, at least not until the end when staff was cut down to next to nothing. Also, the company didn't have a firm grip on the transportation industry in itself, or perhaps as my boss likes to say, they thought they were the center of the transportation universe.

some of the people we dealt with on a daily basis were real nice. some not so. regardless, since i like to see people happy, i wish them luck... finding their way out the door.

so tomorrow and friday will be wrapping things up as best we can, putting a bow on it and onto something new next tuesday. excitement behind every curtain.

25 June 2005

Play Nice

I have removed the anonymous commenting from my blog. Please play nice on the internet, stay on subject, and if you do have something unkind or confrontational to say, be a good sport and attach your name or handle to it, otherwise try therapy.

Get the Jelly

When I went to bed last night I was chewing gum (go figure), and I fell asleep with it still in my mouth.  When I woke up, I still had the gum in my mouth, but I also had gum in my HAIR!  Not on my pillow, not anywhere else on me, not on the bed, just in my hair  :-(   and I just got it cut too.

So now I have peanut butter head because it was in a spot I couldn’t cut it out.  

How does that kind of stuff happen anyways?

20 June 2005

Good Thing, Bad Thing

When I was in high school, I was part of something amazing. I'm not sure how it began, but within the first few months of high school we had several things occur that began to push our class together against the school authority. This is not to say that my class was not cliquish, we were, but every stupid decision made by the teachers, administrators, and/or board only seemed to infuriate us more, but like a squishy ball pressed in from all sides, my class stuck together.

By late in my freshman year we had gotten to the point that we were not going to be pushed around as a group. It kind of came to a head at a spring pep rally. Evidently we had not showed enough enthusiasm for the school something or other, and we were told to stay after everyone else left and we were given a stern "blah blah blah" lecture and told that we could leave as soon as we stood and sang the school fight song. No one moved. We sat and stared at the teachers, they stared at us... I remember it being an hour at least before the stand off ended, I don't even recall if we sang or not, but the point had been made, and reinforced in everyones mind. Stick together and you cannot get bullied, even by ADULTS... and this was a Catholic high school.

What a powerful, wonderful lesson. When some goody goody decided to take the soda machines out of the cafeteria, we struck, and for three days no one got cafeteria food. (I can still tell you the two people who crossed the line, one it wasn't important she was clueless, but other, you know who you are). By Friday, we had our soda machines back. A write in student council president, a second senior skip day when a couple of people were suspended for taking place in the first one... and on and on and on. A change in the administration occurred. I am certain that we were not the only group to party upon our graduation.

Looking back, this was one of the most incredible things that could have happened to me as a young person. The power of the people.


Since I turned my life around and have come to understand certain aspects of the dysfunctionality of my rearing. I came to believe that, like many or most with my background, I had a dislike of authority because of the chaos shown from my parents as I grew up. Yes, I have had trouble with authority my entire life, with some of the people I have had as bosses, with teachers, with church leaders, with society. In particular the self serving ones. I've told a boss "...why do try to make me believe what you are telling me, I only have to do what you say, not like it..."

As I said, I thought that my disdain for authority came from my childhood, but as I think more about it, I'm not sure that is it. I think as I learned the above lesson about power flowing up, I've really never quite gotten over the headiness of the experience. That a united group of people standing their ground, or moving together, can accomplish more than any single individual could hope to do. My attempts to lead are like this, gathering a group together to do something, or to protest something. My personality is geared toward groups. My understanding of God is viewed as the one who is all. My love of the Christian church? The body of Christ.

Unfortunately, for me, all of this is out of cycle, I graduated in 1982, not 1962, and soon to follow my graduation was the me-first 80's, not the protesting 60's. I realize this is all cyclical and that eventually authority will lose it's grip in this country and the power will go back to the people, but it doesn't help me from missing those days when I could as, part of group, accomplish the normally unobtainable.

16 June 2005

Back to Purple

I'm sure you all so my orange post, so I guess you will be surprised to hear that I am back to purple. I couldn't find the orange. *sigh*

Top Three Lies

In a bold attempt to generate some commenting on my blog... the following are the top three relationship lies straight women tell (probably doesn't apply to jitterbugs, cause they love nerds):

Number 3: I want a nice guy. Lie. What you really want is a 1) good looking, 2 )rich, or 3) bad boy or cowboy (in fact all three) who comes into your life, sweeps you off your feet - seemingly against your will, and after a token struggle by you, he whisks you away to his mansion. Just exactly in the manner in which you daydream about for six hours a day... oh, and hopefully he is nice too.

Number 2: I want a guy who is spontaneous. Lie. This can be translated as; I want a guy to surprise me with the gifts and flowers I want, when I want them. Or I want a guy who wants to go out to do exactly what I want to do, only I don't have to suggest it to him, he just knows it without me saying anything.

And of course, number 1: I want a guy who is honest. LIE LIE LIE. Even if we as men never spoke unless spoken to, this is still a lie. If it wasn't a lie, you'd never ask questions like "Does the dress make me look fat?" "Do you like my new haircut?" or "Do you want to hear what my friends' cousins' boss did?" Once questions like this are out there, we are caught, there is no right or acceptable answer. In fact, why not just carry around mace or pepper spray and any time you feel like asking us a question like that, instead just spray us in the face with it, I'm sure it will be more pleasant than questions like that.

(now if only I was a nerd)

13 June 2005


It looks like one of my fancy rats, Sis, has a tumor. I know that they are susceptible to tumors, so I check them pretty much all the time. This one got by me because it was in-between her front paws, and soft... I was expecting something more like the fatty tumors I or Cherokee have had, hard lumps... so I missed it.

I started to notice her slowing down about a week ago, but didn't really figure it out until, well, I saw it.

Color me fairly unhappy about this. I know that I am fairly comfortable with "the circle of life", but it is tough to be emotionally unattached, even when you know that she has nearly reached the end of her reasonable life span.

I know it's the whole suffering thing for me. Prolonged suffering serves no purpose, and I don't want her to be uncomfortable. For the time being, she is eating, drinking, running in her wheel, and not seeming crabby... so I'm thinking she is okay for now.

11 June 2005

2 Hours at the Ren Fest is Better than None.

After trying unsuccessfully to get Kevin to accompany me to the Renaissance Festival of the Midlands, I went by myself *gasp*, I know this is odd, but it was probably good for me to do. Besides, I figured I would know a few people there because heck all my friends are geeks.

It turned out I only knew a few people there. Two dancers, Anne and Kate who were, when I got there, officiating a maypole. I took a few pictures with my phone, of Kate and Anne, notice my finger in the one picture. Kate insisted on posing to show off her clothes, or lack there of. Check 'em out 2005 Ren Fest

I went to get something to eat and ended up having a gyros, because Greek people were famously part of the scene in England during the renaissance. Drench the Wench is always entertaining, and the particular wench on the board was very good at insulting the males who sucked at hitting the target. I did a little shopping, of the look-see variety, nothing struck my fancy.

I also saw my neighbors who do just about everything at Ren Fests, but I don't have the name of their group or website, or I would be propping them right now.

09 June 2005

Lack of Motivation

You know you are feeling way under motivated when you are so proud that you managed to get a load of laundry done.

I'm really thinking pretty hard about bidding back onto night shift... don't lose me here... it's because I'm out of vacation. This makes great sense to me, but not to anyone else... I just want to have a weekday off of work.

Blogging is good therapy, but you can only say so much because your friends read them, so if you have a particular whine about a particular something, it can't be particularly said. I was thinking about this because of an exceptionally vague posting by one of the dancers, Anne.

I meet so many cool people dancing, I pretty much end up feeling like a boring dolt, with no real interests in life, except golf and dancing. Anne would be one of the people I've met just like that... but I can easily think of a half dozen people without much effort who do amazing things. It causes me to re-examine my priorities, and as always, there is one thing I do that is no where on my list of things I want to do... work :-(

So it's Thursday and I am home with Cherokee. Kevin is gone. It's supposed to be stormy. I have plenty I can do, and not much will to get to it...

I am surprised people haven't comment more on my age thing below.

06 June 2005

It's Curtains for Me

I am one of those people who likes it dark when I sleep. Really dark. The small bedroom was fairly nice, back of the house, blinds, small windows, and dark curtains. So what if you have the occasional broken toe tripping over something in the middle of the night.

Kevin moved in and I went to the front bedroom... front of the house, no trees, no blinds, big windows, light curtains. Napping was next to impossible, especially in the middle of the day. So I got blinds and played the curtain switch-a-roo game. Now I have the dark curtains, the living room gets the light curtains, and Kevin gets some curtains that were in storage. ta da! Everyone is happy, well I am, and that's the point.

In other news, there is no other news.

What I am reading: The ENSO discussion on on the National Weather Service site.
What I am listening to: The Cubs - Blue Jays game on the TV.
What I am recommending: Making tall grass short.

04 June 2005

Cleans Up Well

I went to Danielle & James wedding today. I clean up pretty well I think.

My Photo

I will post more on the wedding later, and more pictures some day soon.

Another Busy Weekend

I thought these things were supposed to be relaxing. It should be no wonder that I take vacation just to sleep, I need it. I am thinking I am just a little too tired from dancing tonight to really make a good posting, but here is what you get!

I've tried to eliminate the things in life that I don't have to do, and the one thing that keeps coming up as a huge waste of my time is work. I'd get so much more accomplished if I didn't have to do that.

Here is a shock, I took a quiz that said "what age do you act"? I thought I might get a few years older, but:

You Are 22 Years Old


--Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.
--13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.
--20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.
--30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!
--40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.