26 September 2006

Awe in times of Need

I’m a little frustrated with myself lately.

The trigger is that my step-father left my mother. I’m not happy about it, but what’s driving me crazy is how I am letting God carry me through in a time of crisis. Why do I do this in times of crisis? Or more to the point, why do I ONLY do it in times of crisis.

This is our Heavenly Father I am talking about here. The One with the big shoulders, the only one who is big enough to cast your entire life on, and He can take it. Before the universe began, I (and you) were in His mind, and what do I do when things are rolling along well? Oh yeah, that God guy, I don’t need that right now.

Yeah, well more like I can’t take a breath without Him, my muscles won’t contract, my lungs won’t fill, the oxygen in the air won’t bind to the iron in my blood... What can take place without God? Nothing. You can’t stop the rocks from singing His praises, but somehow I manage to forget.

Pray for me my sisters and brothers that I live every moment in awe of our loving Lord.

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