30 September 2006

New Layout

I went to Blogger Beta, hence the new layout. I'll be trying to improve / update things here in the next couple weeks, especially if I can get caught up on my posts.

Suggestions are appreciated...


Viv said...

Aaaaaa!! Where am I!!! I'm Lost!!!! Who is this person!! I think whoever this person is has a nice lay out. The dark blue really makes things stand out.

Linda said...

My favorite colors. Too bad I can't see the jazz fonts. ;-)

getalife said...

Seasonal! Snazzy.

Love the Gripping Insights!

Morgen said...

cool congrats on your upgrade to Beta.
Glad to see you enjoying being a betazoid!

for some tips & hints on Beta, try www.beautifulbeta.blogspot.com

that site helped me when I switched to Beta, plus he's come up with allllll sorts of cool new things that I'm not even techno-brave enough to try (or figure out)