11 September 2006

Cowtown Saturday

Saturday dawned just a little too early for actually getting up, someone should have inserted about six extra hours somewhere in the middle of the night. Of course dancing cannot be delayed, and if Kim & David, who are on pacific time, can be at a class at 1000, I guess I can too. In fact I had scheduled myself for both morning classes with Kim and David. I am not the only one up early.

2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG
At this point, Spanky has been up for 76 hours straight. Becky is just glad she didn't have to drive up from Lincoln.

Right away we have an issue. Kim and David are in room B, which is the smaller room, with about fifty people, and Mike and Casey are in room A with about two dozen. Well it is Cowtown Jamborama, so we all make like we are being herded and get into the opposite rooms. Moo. The classes by Kim & David were predictably organized, well thought out, and fast paced. They rock!

2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG
It's a real stretch for me to come up with a caption for this one.

2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG
Kim Clever-ly cracking the whip.

2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG
Beckstraordinary demonstrates 'falling off the log' or maybe just plain falling.

After the morning classes are over, I have the noon shift at the front desk. Peter comes down right as I get to the desk and gives the best one liner of the weekend:
Me: "Good morning Peter, can I get you anything?"
Peter: "Sobriety."
Linda gets me some lunch, a memorable chicken sandwich from somewhere, I don't know, and I stood at the door with one eye on the video Peter was playing, and one eye on the front desk and one eye on the video.

2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG
Catherine and Mary pony up for Cowtown fun!

After lunch I took Peter's beginning Lindy classes. Wow, can he make things simple or what? Christy was the follow for the classes. It's like dance class heaven.

The rest of Saturday afternoon was napping in the hotel room. I don't have any pictures of that... it was three hours of drooling on various pillows.

The Railway Street Band played Saturday night at the dance.

2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG
Matching Shirts!

They play dixieland, so I had to finally (insert your favorite colorful manhood comment here, mine is "nut it up") and dance some Charleston. Much to my surprise, I didn't suck, um, so much, in fact I did quite a few things well.

2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG
How to Dance Charleston like a Pro: the new video from the C&C Dancing Factory.

2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG
4-2-4-U (inside joke, don't ask)

2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG
Bob and Little Becky getting down!

A couple other things went on too:
The finals for the Jack & Jill.

2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG 2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG 2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG
Omaha was represented!

The instructor jam.
2006 Cowtown Jamborama_013.JPG
That is one Big Apple!

Finally midnight rolled around and it was time to go dancing some more at the after hours. I stopped by the store on the way back to procure some carbonated, grain based, adult beverages in a handy six pack, and then some Taco Bell. Then it was more dancing and although I made some new friends from Minnesota and Kansas, there appears to be no visual evidence of it. Saturday night was my late night, I was not in bed until around 0430, yes that is after I usually get up in the morning on my work weeks, but I had fun!

thanks to jittercliff for several photos...


Viv said...

"carbonated, grain based, adult beveragages in a handy six pack..." LOL! I see the head of one of the girls from Minnesota.

onionboy said...

I mean I can't find any photo's of the saturday night late night dance.

cliffo said...

All photos from 100_0743m til you see the pool party are Saturday late night, the time stamp in the camera is incorrect.