28 September 2006

Donkey Alert

I noted today, about myself, that the less I say, the smarter I appear to be. I am sure Confucius said something more concise than this, but it’s not coming to mind.

Thanks to Maegmariel for the tip about $24 1GB USB flash drives on sale at Office Max. The deal is for a Memorex 1GB Flash drive, usually $59.99, on sale for $23.99. What a deal! I’ve been wanting to get a flash drive for a while, but one with at least a gigabyte of space. So here is my opportunity.

I don’t know if any of you follow You Get A Life's blog, the link is on the side, she has had several posts about the company San Disk playing the dangle-a-carrot rebate game with her, and it really makes me mad, especially with the experience I had unsuccessfully chasing down a rebate from Sprint last time I got a new phone. If you are interested, you can get the story here, here, here, and here. I hate scams.

Well on my way to get my cheapie flash drive, I am on the phone with Report_Writer, relating to her both the great deal I am going to get AND how happy I am to be getting anything but a San Disk product after the way they treated You_Get_A_Life. I probably monologued about it for ten minutes on the way. Boy did I feel good about myself, more than 50% off and thumbing my nose at the man.

Walk in, and predictably they are sold out. I ask the nice lady with the blue eye shadow behind the counter. “Do you know when you will be getting in more Memorex 1GB flash drives? Or can you order me one at the sale price?”
She gets on her fancy walkie-talkie thing and talks to a manager, she comes back to me and says “We’re not sure when we might get more, if you would like we will substitute a 1GB Cruzer Flash Drive at the same price. Will that be acceptable?”
“Sure.” I answer without hesitation, very classy and customer oriented of you Office Max, thank you.

One problem, Cruzer brand is made by San Disk, which, of course, I knew when I agreed to the substitution. I'm feeling great about my big mouth and my principles, on the upside, neither the Flash Drive or my big mouth needed a rebate for the full discount.


SuzieQ said...

There was a deal either on dealuniversity or slickdeals that had a 1G usb for 2/$25ish

Sarah said...

One good thing about OfficeMax is that their rebates are immediate, not mail-in.

Always ask high school/college students for deals on everything.

onionboy said...

i want to find out more about this ::insert inappropriate whatever here:: thing...

cliffo said...

The Memorex is a good unit I have one, and I won't buy anything without an INSTANT discount at the register. No mail-in rebates please.

Becky said...

I actually had a similar problem with antivirus software that had a rebate- I never did get it, and they said they never received my rebate form- doubtful.

getalife said...

Sprint sucks too?

Oh, great.

Sprint User in Need of New Phone as Well as Life