26 September 2006


Yes, folks, that is beckstraordinary with my camera in her hands. Where am I? Obviously no where nearby. Probably she is erasing all of the good pictures I took. Judging from the look on her face, it appears that she thinks I am a much better dancer than I am a photographer.

Caught red-handed! Okay, maybe pink-handed.

edit: make sure you check out the comments for the other side of the story.

thanks to jittercliff for the visual evidence.


Rebecca said...

I believe I was looking at the picture of Sarah you'd just taken...you having just handed it over to me.

You want to apologize or you want I should kick you square in the manbeans?

Thanks to jittercliff for the turn of phrase.

onionboy said...

Such a threat of violence I have never seen or heard before... I am nearly offended. The manbeans you are referring to have shown no discernable function so far in my life, I'm not sure they'd even notice.

However, in the interest of peace and harmony, I offer my apologies to you.