20 April 2011

First Week in April 2011

Monday and Tuesday I stayed home sick. I am currently feeling empathy for doctors, specifically how difficult it must be for them dealing with people like me who have migraines, allergies, other nasal issues, and depression. It's almost maddening to me to try to figure out what I have, and it's me inside my own body. So I had a bad migraine from Sunday through mid-day Tuesday, and I thought I was depressed too. However none of the outside signs of depression were evident. I am eating right, exercising, and keeping the place clean as it usually is. So I think it was allergies and a bad migraine.

Wednesday I had dinner at VK's. She tricked me into being a taste tester for her entry into a recipe contest ... or did I trick her into feeding me a bunch of good food? Bwahahahaha! Anyways, they were baked omelets, and they we're super tasty. Later we went to Home Depot, looked at possible home improvements, and then over to Baker's to get some dessert. It was a really nice evening until ... VK went to get her keys out to let herself back into the house. She didn't have them. Don't worry, they were safely locked in the house. We ended up driving over to where her roommate was and getting her keys and going back to her house.

Thursday I went to Theology on Tap after work. The subject of the night was church architecture, a.k.a Build of Living Stones, with Father Weidner. It was an enjoyable talk, with pictures of churches in Chicago.

Friday after work a large group of us went to the Saint Pius X pasta feed, kind of like a fish fry, but no fish.

Matt managed to take the worst picture of me ever. Photo credit: Matt

The spicy pasta was actually spicy, who knew? Photo credit: Matt

Sometimes you just gotta use whatever chair is handy. Photo credit: Matt

Only Matt took pictures, start here and move towards newer. After we had finished all the pasta they had, some of us went down to the dance.

Saturday during the day I ran my usual weekend errands. Saturday day was a Kaleb game night with an easter bunny theme. Only games with land based animals were played (sorta) First up, we started a game of Dominant Species: this might be a good game, but it is a weekend killer. We were two hours in and it wasn't looking like we were finishing anytime before six. We actually gave up the game and started others. I joined a different table and played a game called Evo: this was a cute game of evolution, that ends in everyone dying. I didn't win, I made a bidding blunder towards the end of game that I never got out of. The final board game of the night was Telestrations, which is quickly becoming THE social game, I know it is a social game only because we've never determined the winner. It is so funny, and different every time. All I know my last word of the night was 'Amazon River', I drew a tall naked lady and a river, by the time it got back to me it was a naked man and a dog peeing on a pile of cannonballs. These things are not remotely similar. The evening ended, or maybe it was the morning started, with a ping pong game with me and Kaleb versus CJ and Maggie with Susan Angie looking on ... very funny, stupid o'clock conversation.

Sunday was the latest version of Mass Chaos. They had a fill in priest, I have no complaints about what he had to say, but boy the delivery left a lot to be desired ... and the Mass time was wrong. The rest of my Sunday was lazy.

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