06 April 2011

Second Week in March 2011

Monday I stayed home from work to recover from the weekend. Additionally, I colored my hair. While I was home, I finally decided on what my Lenten sacrifice would be, no eating out at restaurants. So Tuesday night I went out to eat for the last time for 40 days. Chipotle, so it was my last guacamole fix for quite a while.

Wednesday immediately after work was the Ash Wednesday version of Mass Chaos. Immediately after Mass I went over to Maeg's house (yes, she still exists) and we played the new Mansions of Madness, an Arkham Horror based game. It's complex, so the first play wasn't a great one, but I can see where it has potential. I hope to get the chance to play it again.

Thursday was bowling league. I am getting steadily worse as the league goes on. 105, 129, and 105. I need my own bowling ball ... have you heard this one before? Friday I went to the Jitterbugs dance, nothing spectacular happened there, except for a lot of fun dancing.

Saturday I met VK at The Bemis Center for a little art viewing. We went to see the exhibit Another Nebraska (I don't know how long the link will remain active). We agreed that the paintings by Peter Walkley were our favorites. We also agreed that the exhibit by Vera Mercer was disgusting. Art can be pretty, or thought provoking, even challenging, but gross? Her fascination with dead things doesn't really pass as art to me.

After the museum we walked around downtown and saw...

...I'm not sure, but that doesn't appear to be a natural color.

We went back to VK's house and had dinner and then out to Flashback's for some cheesey 80s club dancing in celebration of Heather's birthday. I didn't mean to be, but I turned into the token male at this party. I also ran into a couple of coworkers there. It was a fun time, but not an every weekend kind of thing, maybe once a year ... or two.

Sunday morning Mass Chaos went to church. After Mass we then went over to Brianne's house for breakfast. Brianne is a super cook, thanks Brianne! In the afternoon I took a nap and then over to CJ's house for the latest chapter in the developing Disorder of the Stick Pathfinder game.

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