08 April 2011

Fourth Week in March 2011

On call was particularly demanding this time around. So, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I just slept.

Thursday was beginning of the Spring Theology on Tap series, which meant that Beth, Joe, I, and surprise, Maggie, were not going to finish the bowling league. The lecture at ToTO more than made up for it. Archbishop Lucas spoke about the changes to the Mass coming up in the new Missal. The Archbishop was an excellent listen, he spoke for 45 minutes, and if he referred to notes, I didn't notice it. The funny part of this story was after the lecture, the group was socializing, I heard my name, and I turned around to see Joe talking to the Archbishop about me ... nice things I'm sure.

Friday was a day off, so I ran a bunch of errands and ended up at the Mary Our Queen fish fry. In case you haven't been there, there may be alcohol involved. The evening was so epic that I can't really relate it here, but I did feel the need to apologize to someone later, who told me "It's okay, you are funny". After the fish fry, we went off to the dance. Maggie drove, in case you were wondering. I danced the night away and ended up back at my car at 0030 and I safely drove home.

Saturday was the latest meeting of our Disorder of the Stick Pathfinder game. Even though I think CJ is pretty clever storyteller, it has amazed me just how he has set up this game for us to be both screwed and epically awesome. Our characters are really taking on personalities and interacting with each other in unexpected ways.

Sunday morning was the latest trip for Mass Chaos. After Mass people went out lunch. Somewhere there was a communication gap and everyone went but me.

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