14 April 2011

Last Week in March 2011

The week started with Troy gone in San Diego for work training, and Anna coming in to stay with us the week on Tuesday. Monday had Merinda working to close, so it became the day to enjoy my winnings. At the fish fry the proceeding Friday I was the winner of Omaha Steaks in the raffle. I cooked them up on Friday with potatoes and asparagus for and with VK's help.

Well of course there is cheese on everything.

Tuesday night was Sarah's birthday, and she decided she wanted to do karaoke. So we went to Mic's. I did a new song (for me), It's Been A While by Staind. I was not happy with my 'performance', but everyone was supportive. I don't like the acoustics there, or maybe the microphone set up. Regardless, much fun was had and I stayed later than I intended.

Sarah Adair - There Ain't No Party Like My Birthday Party - 24 of 72
The birthday girl and a cheesey grin. Photo credit: Sarah

Sarah Adair - There Ain't No Party Like My Birthday Party - 52 of 72
Sarah colored her hair just for this party, and Takashi, he's just being Takashi.
Photo credit: Sarah

On Wednesday, since Anna was there, we invited a few friends over and I made 'jambalaya' for six, myself, Anna, Merinda, Frank, Julia, and Jillian. My version of jambalaya is tasty, but certainly not very traditional ... or caloric, well, until you add the cheese on top.

Thursday I went again to Theology on Tap. It was Father Hoesing spoke about eternity. Father Hoesing was smart, witty, and like Archbishop Lucas he did not appear to reference any notes. Discussions about time, time philosophy, and God existing outside of time mess with my head. I get God existing outside space, but outside of time? Too weird to think about God seeing the whole of my life at once ... yes, thank you for your willingness to attempt to explain it to me, but I think I will be considering other things first.

Friday after work I went over to the Saint John Vianney fish fry. The Mass Chaos crew went along with Matt and Vivian on their fish fry expedition. Goofy, fun times were had by all, but there were no raffle winners on this day.

P1030982 P1030976
Here is table #1 and table #2, or was it the other way around? Both photos credit: Matt

It was Frank's birthday. Lindsay and I snagged the PA microphone and sang Happy Birthday, amazingly not one person in our group got a picture of this.

Jenny is up to no good here... Photo credit: Matt

...but as usual, there was plenty of that to go around. Photo credit: Matt

Were there pictures taken? Oh yeah, lots. Mine are here. Matt took some and they start here and move forward in time (newer). Jillian took some that are more portraits they can be found here and move forward in time (newer). Lisa also took pictures which can be found here on Facebook including of me being sent to the corner.

Saturday I went for a walk around Standing Bear Lake with VK. Actually, near the end of walk we ran about 1/8 of a mile. It's hard to tell exactly how far we walked. You'd think that would be an easy something to find now during the information age. It should really be called the opinion age, because the internet is short on facts, and long on opinion ... like this statement. After the walk we ate dinner and then watched a movie ... yes, I said we watched a movie. We watched It's Complicated. I thought it was humorous, and hey it had three really good actors in it.

Sunday morning I went to Mass with Mass Chaos. We went to a pancake feed immediately after Mass and then sat around and commiserated for an hour or so. I got some good friends.

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