21 April 2011

Second Week in April 2011

Revenge is a dish best served cold ... or hot and after much delay. Monday night I paid out my lost bet on the Bears / Packers NFC Championship game. I went over to Carrie, Heidi, and Jen's and cooked them dinner. I made spaghetti and sauce, asparagus, salad, and my world famous cheesey bread, Heidi made some tasty lemon bars, and we sat, ate, and talked for a couple hours. Jen tried to kill me, first with a sore throat, and then with a ninja ballet move.

Tuesday after work I went grocery shopping after work, my life can be pretty exciting!

Wednesday was a struggle because I was all over the place emotionally. Sheesh, I hate ______ (see the first paragraph from last week's entry).

Thursday was the last of the spring Theology on Tap series. This one handled the subject of moral relativity. Probably the most 'controversial' of the presented subjects in the spring series. I thought Father Taphorn handled the subject well. What I didn't like was the question and answer session. Six of the eight people asking questions didn't actually ask questions, they made statements, mostly self justifying statements. If it had been me instead of Father Taphorn, I would have been less patient.

Friday I was back into my moodiness, maybe I need to eat more, I am saying this because I was not hungry starting around noon on this day, until Monday evening. Later in the evening, I went to the dance.

Saturday I was in a black mood during the day, but then I got a big shot of perspective, it seemed to be just what I needed. My mood switched pretty instantaneously. I decided instead of feeling bad, I would get out and have some fun. So I went to the OTOC fundraiser that Brianne worked so hard on. It was at the Omaha Hot Shops. I hung out mostly with Kaleb and his girlfriend and toured just about everything on the first floor. I had already broken my Lenten vow by nomming down on the appetizers at the fundraiser ... so, why worry then? Joe and I planned on meeting VK at the Outback in Bellevue, and surprise Kaleb and Audrey joined us. Our waiter was VK's brother Caleb. I had steak and crabcakes, but didn't finish it. After this, VK and drove over to Mark's house for the tail end of the his birthday party. Mark had a XBox 360 game that let you take place of actors in a famous movie scene and do their lines. It was quite funny to see Matt and Mark pretend to be Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion. That was it for Saturday night!

Sunday morning church was late, so I had a nice breakfast, then headed off to the next to last weekend of Mass Chaos. After Mass we went to Jason's Deli Smashburger. I had a drink and maybe pilfered a few of Marilou's fries. For a minute it looked like Frank, Joe, and I were going to Sam's Club, but sleepiness took over and I came home and napped. Later in the evening we gathered at CJs and I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. Yep, that's an HBO series alrighty. I'm not sure I liked it (I have not read the books), but I was fairly enthralled. I did not see the end scene coming.

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