07 April 2011

Third Week in March 2011

This week features another fantastic adventure known as 'work on call'. Monday wasn't busy, but Tuesday was quite so and Wednesday even more so. Thursday was not only the start of the NCAA mens basketball tournament, but also Saint Patrick's day, a win all the way around ... except for the on call part.

Friday once on call slowed down I went out to the dance to meet up with VK and her college roommate Julie, who was in visiting from Michigan. It was also the toga party at JNO, but I didn't participate this year.

Why, yes, Eric, we'd love to dance with you!

Jenny has a new beau named Joe. He's obviously very tall.

Lindsay climbs an invisible ladder.

If you'd like to see the rest of my pictures from JNO, you can find them here. VK, Julie, and I left and went to Blue for Sushi. Yes I know that this violated my Lenten vow ... sigh. We hung out there until the restaurant closed and had fun talking and there were no on call interruptions

Saturday during the day I tried to sleep as best I could between all the calls. Finally in the evening I headed over to Kaleb's game night. There were a bunch of new faces there ... new to game night anyways. Sarah, Beth, and Maggie were all there. First game up was Tsuro ... although it didn't happen, I was reminded that it is possible to have no winners in that game ... I was not a winner in three games. We had a little ping pong, and then played a big game of Werewolf, there were probably 22 or 23 people playing. I was just a villager, and I was lynched, but my team still won. We then played a fairly epic game of Betrayal at House on the Hill. Beth was the betrayer (go figure) and the rest of the players struggled through but eventually it was down to just Maggie and Beth, and Maggie defeated Beth in a very close game. The evening ended with more ping pong and Rock Band.

Sunday was time for Mass Chaos. After church I took the on call phone and ran some errands starting at work to fix a problem, then to the grocery store, the recycling center, and more grocery store. I then cooked two meals for the week, and sat down and started playing Dragon Age 2 (seriously, who expects that having to enter your age on a screen is any kind of deterrent to under age people getting onto your website).

The only other news is that after the first two rounds of the basketball tourney, I was barely hanging on by a thread in Kaleb's challenge. I had to have so many things go my way, it was likely that there would be no repeat for this year.

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