29 November 2012

Thanksgiving Week 2012

Another week of call started Monday, and although I would rather not, management around here has helped to make it easier. I stayed home Monday night and worked on this, my blog.

Tuesday I went for 2012 run #48, 2.56mi in 26:07 at a 10:11 min/mi pace. It was 37°F when I started running. My body got warm fairly quickly, so I stayed warm, but my lungs did not like the cold. I think 40°F is probably my basement.

Wednesday during lunch I got my old car title issues fixed, finally, and that mistake only cost me $14. After work, I played Borderlands 2.

Thursday was Thanksgiving! Troy made some pork tenderloin and candied yams. I made chicken and potatoes, a green salad, 'mexican' corn, and opened a can of cranberry sauce. Frank showed up with rolls, and we ate about 1430. Frank left and went to his parents.

The meal so nice, I ate it twice.

The continual food coma was mixed in with Borderlands 2. Around 1800 Donna showed up with her sons and a sons friend. Troy and the four of them played a game of Small World. I did not play, but I helped out the boys who hadn't played before. Maeg showed up, then Frank again. The food was mostly finished off.

Laser cat made an appearance. Oddly enough Frank seems unconcerned.

Friday after it was clear that oncall had died down, I went to the dance. There was a funny part where Brian was DJ and he was playing off his iPod and he accidentally started Usher's Yeah, and then stopped it. Everybody booed, but he made up for it by playing it for the last song. After the dance we went to Amsterdam to pick up noms and then hang out at Cecily and Maggie's place.

Saturday, surprise, I ran errands. I came back home and napped. Saturday night was Kaleb's monthly game night, it's been a while since I've been there, so I was on time, and we played some games. Amazingly, the evening was uninterrupted by the on call phone ringing.

The first game was a new game for me Takenoko. This is a super cute (am I allowed to say super cute?) game about a bamboo eating Panda. I didn't win, but I did like the game, which was easy to learn, and probably good for any kid who can count to ten.

The next game I played was Castles of Burgundy. This was my first complete play through, and I liked even more than my last one. Again, I did not win this game either, in fact, I didn't win any game all night long, but who is counting, right?

The next game was King of Tokyo. This is easily becoming one of my favorites, although I'm not certain it will have any long term replayability, but right now, it's working really well.

I finished second in a game of Kingsburg, this has been my consistent story about this game. I believe I have a winning strategy (warning: contains whining), however I have been rolling dice badly. Maybe I'll consider a different strategy if I actually did roll well.

We started a game of To Court the King. I liked this game at first, but more I play, the less I like it. I've seen plenty of argument about the rules, probably as much as all other games combined, and the way you can manipulate the dice just seems broken to me. We didn't finish, and I'm not sure I will play again.

The last game of the night was Ultimate Werewolf. We played twice, the first one ended very badly for me. I was the last villager, Troy was in and claimed (for a while in the game) that he was the witch, and Katya who said she was a villager. One of them was a vampire, and of course, I chose unwisely. The second game I was a vampire, Maggie got meta-game outed pretty much before the game started as one of the other vampires, and the Werewolves were quickly caught. Leaving me and Warren. He got caught, and I played as long as I could, but there were too many vetted villagers for me to continue on, even though I got it down to six.

Sunday, since I was on call, I made a decision to not to run the Bears get together, they won, but I went to church in the middle of the game. I went into Mass at 1230 it was Bears 7-3, and when I came out at 1330, it was 21-3. I went to church with Marilou at Saint Mary's in Bellevue. After church we drove all over Bellevue showing her the sights and drinking some sodas. We only had one deer run out in front of us, right by the Dairy Queen in Old Towne.

I dropped Marilou off at her car at church and went to the grocery store, only picking up a few items. As I went to check out, I saw a bag of pumpkin spice popcorn. I thought to myself "Jenny would love this stuff", so I checked if she was around, grabbed a couple bags, and headed over to her house.

We got to chatting, and then Libby showed, then we chatted more, and pretty soon it was dinner time. I had steaks in the car, and so we decided to improvise. Libby had already made her dinner, but Jenny and I had my steaks and her noodles and salad. I created a sour cream sauce. I didn't think it was really good, but Jenny ate it all, and quickly, I think that's the best compliment the cook can get.

Next week: car business.

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