13 August 2006

14 hours of funk

Venche's cup shares it's thoughts at 1:51am.

As I have posted before, one of the things I love about gatherings at Spanky & Mae's is the sheer randomness of the event. I got there about 2:45 and left just about 5:00, that's PM and AM respectively. We did some last minute set up, and started eating. This particular party was a little different. I spent probably six hours of it dancing, and another two of it playing frisbee. I didn't eat as as much as I usually do. There were some strange goings on during the course of the night, none of which I will share because I did not participate... unlike certain past parties...

cut to flashback *cue the eerie music*

back to normal *cue the regular soundtrack*

So anyways. great food, friends, and a good time.

There isn't as much visual evidence of the party as you might think, my first four pictures were really bad, so it became a challenge to get bad pictures of everyone. Here are a few I can share.

Cowhat Jamborama (I take no credit for this photo, Venche took it herself)

I have a theory that ReportWriter can frown, it's never been substantiated.

JUST like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey...

I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them, Sam I am.

We discovered what song you sing at 4am ... the last one you heard!

Hopefully someone else took more pictures and will post them.

P.S. Hugh and Jenny ... wait until I find that undelete button again!


Becky said...

i think that you pic of sam should replace the one troy has on the OJ faces.

i am also pretty sure you were involved in some sort of mischief at the party, in spite of your claims of innocense. I don't know what you did, and it may have paled in comparison to the shenanigans of the others, but I'm sure it was something.... ;op

Viv said...

I really enjoyed the atmosphere in this party. Everybody was having so much fun. Going to the park was a good idea.

Jenny Jitterbug said...

Hmm, I think those pictures must be gone, that's too bad! :P

Viv said...

Hey Look!! My roomate commented on your blog!!